Erasmo Escala

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    KEY LEADERS 2.1 Chile 2.1.1 General Manuel Baquedano Gonzalez The Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Army, Gen. Erasmo Escala, resigned his commission due to constant arguments with War Minister Rafael Sotomayor. The latter appointed General Manuel Baquedano Gonzalez, a Peru-Bolivian Confederacy war veteran, who had the sympathies and respect of the soldiers as his successor. Baquedano was only 15 years old and still at school when the War against the Peru-Bolivian Confederacy began, but he left

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    Technology is Transforming the U.S economy A Review of the Literature Over the past decades, technology, social and economic changes have revolutionized the structure of the American community. Every day the technology is changing, new inventions and new knowledge are developing. The transformation that is happening is changing the life of many families in the United States. These changes are for a better future. However, the cost is that many institutions and business are being left behind. People

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