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  • Analysis Of Ready Player One By Ernest Cline

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    Kayla Kaster Downes Eng 1302-1035 11/8/17 When taking any English class starting in high school, it is expected that the student will have to read at least one novel. I was somewhat excited that Ready Player One by Ernest Cline was the required novel for the class because it seemed interesting and I was already expecting a book to read. The story takes place in 2044, in a post-apocalyptic world due to an energy crisis. The main character, Wade Watts, escapes into the virtual reality created in

  • Analysis Of Ready Player One By Ernest Cline

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    Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is about Wade Watts a teenager. Wade lived in the stacks which were basically trailers stacked on top of each other. He lived with his aunt and her boyfriend who he dint like and they didn’t like him but he had too live with them because both of his parents were gone.Wade was never the social type of kid this is why he feels more alive in the oasis a virtual world than in the real world.Wade started spending more time in the Oasis once James Halliday passed away

  • Character Analysis Of Ready Player One By Ernest Cline

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    In the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, the main character, Wade, changes throughout the book. This is due to the experiences with trying to get the answer to the puzzles with some of these being his living quarters and then getting thrown into jail. In the beginning of the book, Wade is a more selfish type of person and he has to fend for himself due to his background and home life. At the start, he came from a poor family so he had to be resourceful. He showed us that he “...was curled up

  • Wade's Character Changes In Ready Player One By Ernest Cline

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    In the book “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline, the main character, Wade, also known as Parzival in the OASIS, goes through many character changes such as bad decision making, arrogance, and friends. Wade went through many changes in the book due to being in the center of international attention. The pressure from the world had effects on how Wade made his decisions. These decisions led to arrogance and bad poor making, which resulted in the loss of loved ones and friends. In the OASIS you can

  • Dream Life And Reality In Ready Player One By Ernest Cline

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    their reality to a great extent. Oversimplification can be introduced through novels that refer to the difference of a dream life and reality. My book club novel, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline examines the struggles and benefits of physically living in reality and mentally living in a virtual reality. Cline introduces the virtual reality, OASIS as the primary reason why the protagonist, Wade even continues to exist. However, by dedicating his life to OASIS, Wade decided to oversimplify his

  • Ernest Cline Biography

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    1972 in Ashland, Ohio, the author of Ready Player One, Ernest Cline, was born. Cline had promising careers as a spoken word artist and screenwriter. However, his main or primary occupation was “geeking out.” He chose this path because he had a love for pop culture, which influenced his life greatly. In his early life, he had several odd jobs: short-order cook, fish gutter, plasma doner, elitist video store clerk, and tech support drone. During Cline time working at a low paying tech support job, he was

  • Armada

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    Ernest Cline is an American Novelist that lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and kids. He is a self-proclaimed “full-time geek.” Armada by Ernest Cline is a Young Adult writer that has written the award-winning book Ready Player One, The Importance of Being Ernest, and the screenplay for the 2009 film Fanboys. When Cline started writing, he initially did slam poetry, songs, and other types of literature, but nothing like a novel. After he had written the screenplay for the 2009 film Fanboys

  • Wade Watts In Ready Player One

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    Wade from Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One has very few family or friends, but without the few did have he would never have won Haliday's contest. The friends of Wade watts in Ready Player One by Ernest Cline both contributed to and withheld Wade's ability to find the easter egg, his friend Aech with the copper key, Art3mis withheld his ability to find the jade key, and all of his friends contribute to Wade’s ability to clear the crystal gate. Aech is Wade’s best and only friend, providing moral support

  • Ready Player One By Ernest Cline

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    Technology and the economy of today is growing and getting more advanced than ever, yet the world can go completely upside down in 29 years from today. In the book Ready Player One, Ernest Cline states that the world is in the year 2045, the future is absolutely corrupt and everyone is living in a dystopian world. Almost everyone uses OASIS, an online gaming program, and is ultimately many people 's escape from their reality. The creator, James Halliday, sent out an alarming announcement interrupting

  • Ready Player One By Ernest Cline

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    People are influenced by other people, circumstances, and many things, but what about the influence of space? Space is just as common an influence as many other things. Space is an important influence in Ready Player One. Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline, is a science-fiction novel centered around a hunt for a fortune that the founder of a virtual world has left that can be unlocked by clues & winning games. The winner will have massive power & fortune. The influence of space is great because of