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  • Heracles And The Nemean Lion Essay

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    Created just a century or so later than the Pseudo- Apollodorus accounts in the Bibliotheca 2, this mosaic titled “Heracles & the Nemean Lion” was created in the third century C.E. Located in the National Archeological Museum of Spain, neither the catalog number for the museum or the Beazley Archive number are given. More than 700 years had passed since the creation of figures 1-4, and the story is still the same. Although in this mosaic, Heracles is standing up and strangling the lion, not on the

  • Lion King Film Analysis

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    Derek Oxley Movie Review Comp 10-11-17 The Lion King The movie The Lion King is an animated movie of a young lion cub (Simba) who is tricked into leaving his homeland and his throne by his evil Uncle Scar who murdered his father. Simba then runs away and grows up outside the pride lands when all of a sudden he is forced to face his past again. He must decide, is he an outcast, or the rightful ruler and King of the pride lands (IMDB)? This movie is absolutely amazing: a 10/10. It is a great movie

  • Essay on A Study of Perspectives

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    A Study of Perspectives Livingston's documentary Paris is Burning inspired an awareness of being that I had not previously experienced. The film urges the spectator to reevaluate not only one's breadth of knowledge of the black gay culture in the 80's, but also the perspectives from which one views the film. Personally speaking, the easiest evaluation of the latter topic would be the perspective of a privileged white straight female born into a sheltered and socially traditional household. This

  • Great Golfers

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    Watching everyone walk up to the 18th green, after hitting a beautiful approach shot on the green five feet from the pin. Watching him make the putt for the birdie and the victory, celebrating, and getting awarded the coveted green jacket. This is the scene of the Masters on the final day of play. Recently the world of golf has changed, all of the greatest golfers, have been displaying qualities that have been very similar to each other. One thing that is necessary to be a great golfer is hitting

  • Essay on Paying College Athletes

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    Should college athletes get paid more money?      There has been a constant debate the past few years on whether college athletes, particularly football players, should get paid. In 1988, the Nebraska legislature passed a bill that would allow the University of Nebraska football players to receive better cash incentives. The bill was later vetoed by Governor Kay Orr, who was governor of Nebraska at the time (O’Toole etal. 2). . The dispute comes from coaches, parents of the

  • Essay On The Lion King

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    Walt Disney’s The Lion King is a legendary film even after its release almost twenty years ago, in 1994. (Disney). This film is easily the best animated feature of its kind; from the musical score to the animation to the memorable characters this film is an instant classic. The film is an animated fantasy adventure that spins the tale of a young lion cub named, Simba, who is the young prince of the lion pride. Simba is betrayed by his uncle, Scar, and runs into the wilderness after his father’s murder

  • My Partner And I Chose The Film The Lion King

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    escapes, but his father Mufasa is killed. Simba soon finds himself chased out of his kingdom and paired with two new friends Timon and Pumbaa. His friends are Timon a meerkat voiced by Nathan Lane (The Producers) and Pumbaa is a warthog voiced by Ernie Sabella (Mouse Hunt). The story ultimately leads to Simba, now an adult being voiced by Matthew Broderick (Godzilla), returning to take back his homeland back from Scar with the help of his friends. Of the characters in the film, we see Simba and his friend

  • What Is The Theme Of The Lion King Movie

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    When it comes to movies, I can be a hard person to please. I like dramas, comedies, and romantic movies. There’s one movie that I love so much, I watched this movie countless times when I was younger and still watch it today, and can recite the entire script for memory. It includes all these different themes and more. The Lion King, a 1994 G - rated Disney American animated music film. This movie demonstrates family, friends, betrayal, rejection, running from responsibility, values, and growing strong