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  • Global: Strategic Management and Analysis

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    of the decision which has to be made. 2. SWOT analysis, including: • An internal analysis (Strengths & Weaknesses of Illy & Espressamente) • An external analysis (Opportunities & Threats from the Global Coffee Market). • A strategic SWOT analysis, crossing internal & external analyses, in order to determine strategic directions for the internationalization of Espressamente. 3. Analysis of each of the 7 foreign markets considered for expansion: • Cultural distance with Italy • Market attractiveness

  • Esspressamente Case Study

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    The Global Expansion of Espressamente Espressamente was created by Illy, the well-known inventor of espresso machine and producer of the best coffee in Italy. As the competition of premium coffee industry has gotten aggressive, the managing director of Espressamente examined the expansion of Espressamente into the global market and the company’s future growth opportunities. The managing director considered international expansion into the markets with the highest potential, which were Brazil, China

  • The Success Of The Coffee Industry

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    The company’s focus was on premium travel, and business-to-business operations, fashion and culture. Illy coffee was also one of the first coffee companies to assimilate automated systems and sophisticated machinery to guarantee the best quality beans and zero defects. Having found success and established a name familiar in most households’ world wide, Illy sought to expand and create new opportunities to grow, and seized the coffee shop industry with Espressomente. The coffee

  • Illycaffe case summary

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    and markets a unique blend of espresso coffee under a single brand leader in quality. Over 6 million cups of illy espresso coffee are enjoyed every day. illy is sold in over 140 countries around the world and is available in more than 50,000 of the best restaurants and coffee bars. illycaffe employs around 700 people and has consolidated turnover of EUR 246 million.(2006 results) illy buys green coffee directly from the growers of the highest quality Arabica through partnerships based on the

  • Case Study Cafe De Coral

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    Catering, Specialty Restaurant and Food Processing& Distribution. For the Quick Service Restaurants, there are Café de Coral, Super Super Congee & Noodles, Mixian Sense, Shanghai Lao Lao, Lane Noodles, Manchu WOK, Oliver’s Super Sandwiches, espressamente illy, MIX, 85°C and Ichigyo Sushi. For Institutional Catering, there are Asia Pacific Catering and Luncheon Star. For Specialty Restaurant, there are 360 Series, The Spaghetti House and PizzaStage. For Food Processing& Distribution, there are Scanfoods

  • Case Study Of Caf De Coral

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    the pedigree "Grilled Unagi" from Japan (Appendix 8) 5. Having rich experience of operating new restaurants When we look at the official website of CDC, we can discover that CDC has many experience of operating new restaurant. For example, espressamente illy is a joint venture with illycaffé S.P.A. in 2007 and Oliver 's Super Sandwiches is acquired in 2003 (Appendix 9) Weakness of CDC Café de Coral is not doing well in hygiene. According to the newspaper a customer find that there has a rat in