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  • West Coast Trail Narrative Essay

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    10 members of 3 CDSG Signal Squadron have recently returned from completing the West Coast Trail, on Vancouver Island, BC as part of the Squadron Adventure Training which ran from 29 April to 09 May 2017. Arriving in Victoria from Dets scattered from Shilo, MB to Chilliwack, BC, the team had one day to gather last minute supplies, and distribute shared items to spread the weight. After deploying to the northern trail head at Gordon River, we spent the night at a local campsite so that step-off

  • A Safe Injection Site Is Essential For Esquimalt And Victoria

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    death occurring in Esquimalt (Times Colonist, 2015). Drug-related overdose fatalities are preventable if the population has access to services that would minimize the risk of an overdose. Through the assessment of the community of Esquimalt, I am proposing that there is a need to establish a safe injection site to prevent accidental overdoses, as well as provide social services for detoxification and rehabilitation programs. It is necessary to note that Victoria and Esquimalt are not differentiated

  • Strength-Based Approach To Social Work

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    Introduction It is important for programs in which families attend be diverse, locally accessible and promote social justice. This allows growth for children, youth and families to develop in the right setting and gain strength and resilience. Everyone has a different story and having programs that are specific to one group of people that share something in common gives those in the program the opportunity to develop. The Military Family Resource Centre is a prime example of a program that uses

  • Telling A Toy Story On Ice By Deena Beacom

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    where the ice show will be held. A Toy Story on Ice takes place on Saturday, March 19 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. and on Sunday, March 20 at 1 p.m. Tickets are on sale through the McPherson Playhouse and at Archie Browning Sports Centre located at 1151 Esquimalt

  • Case Study: Ship Casualty Project

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    Ship Casualty Project On the April 23, 2013, 0817 local time, “American Dynasty” was approaching a graving dock at Esquimalt in British Columbia, Canada, (48°25.9’N, 123°25.8’W) when it suffered an electrical power and propulsion failure. The “American Dynasty” drifted off course and collided with the Canadian frigate, HMCS “Winnipeg” FFH 338, which was moored nearby. Both of the vessels sustained structural damages, as well as the naval pier to which HMCS “Winnipeg” was moored. Six shipyard workers

  • The Pig War : The Pig War Of 1861

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    A) Introduction/Thesis The Pig war of 1859 was a conflict that began when American settler Lyman Cutlar shot and killed a trespassing pig owned by the British backed Hudson's Bay Company. British authorities threatened Mr. Cutlar, which caused American citizens to draw up a petition requesting U.S. military protection. Britain responded with their own militia. Both sides were basically given the same order, defend yourselves. In 1871 Great Britain and the United States compromised by signing the

  • First Nations Research Paper

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    Imagine you’re just going about your daily life and it’s been the same peaceful way for as long as you can remember then all of a sudden a tree falls down in your backyard and destroys your home. This is similar to what happened to the First Nations. I believe that the First Nations were the least unified to Confederation than the other colonies due to the facts that others made decisions for them, they were given as much importance as animals, and that the other colonie’s changes affected them even

  • Mount Douglass Research Paper

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    other settlers had arrived, this place was known as PKOLS by the indigenous peoples in the area. PKOLS is located in the W̱SÁNEĆ territory, bordering Lekwungen and was a meaningful meeting place for these two nations as well as with Songhees, and Esquimalt nations. Not only was it significant due to the

  • Teen Violence Effect

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    There are many causes of death and injured people but what causes this the most is teen violence in schools. Teen violence is all cover the world and a lot of people say it can not be stopped but there is always a way to stop something bad. Teen violence is hurting people a lot people are getting into fights at school getting beat up after school and that is putting them into hospitals and why the victim did nothing to deserve a beating and now kids are most often at hospitals because of teen violence

  • Essay on Comm 393 Case Briefs

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    Liebmann V. Canada (Minister of National Defense) Facts: Liebmann applied for the position of Executive Assistant to the Commanding Officer in the Persian Gulf Operation. Staff Officers recommended he be appointed and the Commanding Officer agreed. When command staff became aware that Liebmann was Jewish they decided not to select him. Liebmann challenged the decision, as well as CFAO 20-53 (an enactment for which the decision was based upon) under s. 15 of the Charter. Issues: 1