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  • The Estate Tax Should Be Controlled

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    right to have our accumulated wealth, also called Gross Estate, transfer over to our designated beneficiaries. However, before we die there are some considerations that must be made. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has stated that the filing of an estate tax return is necessary for amounts over certain thresholds. These federal thresholds have exempted many Americans from having to worry about filing for estate tax. Yet, there are state estate taxes that can be particularly burdensome as Forbes magazine

  • Comparative Analysis Of The Estate Tax Essay

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    Comparative Analysis of the Estate Tax First and Last Name Class Number Teacher’s Name Date While the Presidential election of 2016 has been non-traditional in many ways, one issue that has retained its conventional place in American politics is the debate over the estate tax. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2016) the estate tax, labeled the “death tax” by its opponents, is a tax that a person must pay on an estate (money or property) that he or she inherits. Given the circumstances

  • The Federal Estate Tax Should Be Abolished

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    months, the federal estate tax has been a popular topic in the news. Also known as the death tax, this tax is applied to the transfer of an estate at passing away of an individual. Generally, said estate includes all assets of the person who passed away, including financial assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds; real assets, like houses, land, or other tangible property; and proceeds from life insurance policies. The United States federal government established the estate tax that is currently

  • Avoid Real Estate Investment Tax

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    Minimization of Individual Tax Liability in Real Estate Investment In the world of investing, in general, one question is often the most challenging to answer. How does an investor grow their nest egg without losing the majority of their gain to the IRS as income tax? This question is even more challenging in the area of real estate where one’s tax liability is drastically increased by just the sale of one property. This simple transaction can increasing the investor’s ordinary income if the property

  • A Lifetime Accessions Tax : An Alternative For The Estate Tax Essay

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    A Lifetime Accessions Tax: An alternative to the Estate Tax The estate tax is a tax upon your right to transfer property at the time of your death. It is often called the death tax and it has been a partisan point of disagreement for quite some time. As the tax only applies to estates of $5.45 million and over, this tax only applies to the wealthy. Enacted in 1916 to help finance World War I, the estate tax has come under more scrutiny lately because of our government’s financial situation and the

  • Explain Ways To Minimise Estate Tax

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    Ways to minimise Estate Tax 1) Generation skipping: Generation skipping is exactly as it sounds. In countries that allow it, many people will often choose to transfer a portion of their estate assets to their grandchildren rather than transferring the full estate directly to their immediate children. This strategy skips the second generation, and transfers the assets straight to the third generation, which saves the assets from being eventually taxed twice. Normally the assets would be taxed once

  • Tax Lien Investing In Real Estate

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    with real estate. Despite the housing market problems of the last several years, there are still ways to invest and earn an income with properties. While many people immediately think of rental properties as offering steady income, there is also tax lien investing. Although some infomercials make it seem that you can own a property by just buying the tax lien, the reality is that property tax lien investing is far more complicated than those infomercials want you to believe. What is Tax Lien Investing

  • Modern Estate Tax Evolves: 1916 To 1975

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    The Modern Estate Tax Evolves: 1916 to 1975 - In the early 20th century, worldwide conflict cut into trade tariffs--a mainstay of federal revenues--and Congress turned to another revenue source. The Revenue Act of 1916, which introduced the modern-day income tax, also contained an estate tax with many features of today's system. After an exemption of $50,000 (over $11 million in terms of today's wealth), tax rates started at 1 percent and climbed to 10 percent on estates over $5 million (over $1

  • Deductions from Gross Estate Under Philippines Tax Rules and Singapore Tax Rules

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    DEDUCTIONS FROM GROSS ESTATE UNDER PHILIPPINES TAX RULES AND SINGAPORE TAX RULES ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY OF PHILIPPINES PUTING KAHOY 2008 DEDUCTIONS FROM GROSS ESTATE PHILIPPINES TAX RULES Funeral Expenses For deaths occurring on or after January 1, 1998, the amount allowable as deduction shall be the lower amount between the actual funeral expenses (whether paid or unpaid) and five percent (5%) of the gross estate, but in no case to exceed two hundred thousand pesos (P200,000). Judicial Expenses

  • Essay about ESTATE GIFT TAX P5

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    (1) Grantor creates a trust with income to Spouse for life, remainder to Child if living and, if not, reversion to Grantor or Grantor’s estate. (a) If Grantor predeceases Spouse and Child, is Section 2037 applicable to the transfer? No. Section 2037 is not applicable to the transfer. Based on Section 2037, “ The value of the gross estate shall include the value of all property to the extent of any interest therein of which the decedent has at any time after September7, 1916, made a