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  • A Study By Anastasopoulos Et Al

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    In a study by Anastasopoulos et al. (2010), the authors found that the frequency of the CO was directly influenced by the size of the projects. The authors also found that the relation between the project size and the frequency of CO was significant. According to the project type, resurfacing and traffic maintenance projects were found to have less CO. The reason they provided for this was these types of projects were not subjected to uncertain conditions like earthwork and subsoil treatments. The

  • Of Arihlsen ( I. Al ) ( Arildsen Et Al )

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    Arildsen et al. (2012) performed a prospective, cross-sectional study investigating endothelial dysfunction, increased inflammatory markers and activated coagulation in HIV-positive individuals after initiation of highly active ART. Twenty treatment naïve, nonsmoking, HIV positive patients were followed for 6 months and examined at three different times: 1) before starting HAART, 2) after 3 months of treatment with a HAART regimen consisting of 1 protease inhibitor (either indinavir or lopinavir

  • The Responses That Briggs Et Al

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    The responses that Briggs et al. got kept getting lower, and were now below 10%. Briggs et al. (2013) noted that 7% of the women said that they were not independent or mature enough for a baby. Reasons they said this included that they thought they were too immature, couldn 't take care of themselves, and/or were too dependent on others (including their parents). Research from Briggs et al. (2013) showed that 5% of women said that influences from family or friends was a reason to seek an abortion

  • A Study By Killen Et Al

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    A study by Killen et al. (1994) examined the level of weight and other variables associated with age of onset of eating disorder symptoms over a 3-year interval in a community sample of young adolescent girls. The objective of the experiment was to demonstrate the precursors of eating disorder symptoms in a community sample of young adolescent girls. The hypothesis stated that community based prospective studies are needed to understand what causes or influences the development of eating disorders

  • Reflection On Simkin Et Al

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    COMM 105-003 Assignment #1 – Reflection on Simkin et al.’s Study For more than the past 30 years, study after study has indicated that graduating university students in America greatly lack the necessary writing skills to flourish in the workplace. In their 2012 paper “Student perceptions of their writing skills,” Simkin et al. outlined a variety of possible explanations for these troubling findings. They, however, chose to explore two of the many possible reasons for this rising writing problem:

  • A Study By Lechtenberg Et Al

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    A study by Lechtenberg et al. (2015) points at another significant gendered difference: the components of therapy they found to be most helpful. According to Lechtenberg et al. (2015, p.98), while men and women both appreciate the use of male and female co-therapists and an emphasis on safety throughout the process, women were much more likely than men to value single-gender meetings before and after the conjoint sessions. While this may not have monumental implications, it does allow therapists

  • Gender, By Hatt Et Al

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    Gender, defined by Hatt et al. (2006:148) as the ‘socially constructed protocol for how certain bodies should behave’, has been the subject of many recurring social issues in European history. Artists have reflected upon these issues – such as the discrepancies between male and female gender ideologies – both consciously and subconsciously, through their artwork. The impressionist artists of France in the period 1870-1900 were certainly affected by such issues; drawing upon the ideas of the Gustave

  • Et Al. V. Case Brief

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    ROSENBERGER ET AL. v. RECTOR AND VISITORS OF UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA ET AL. 515 U.S. 819 (1995) Facts: The university of Virginia (UVA) established a fund called “Student Activities Fund” (SAF) in order to support students extracurricular activities that “related to the University's educational purpose” (Rosenberger v. Rector and Visitors of Univ. of Va. 515 U.S. 819). Any student group that was granted a “Contracted Independent Organization" (CIO) status by UVA can apply for funds from SAF to pay

  • Essay on Sociology and Hall Et Al.

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    illustrates this point with the creation of folk devils and the language that is used to describe their activities such a ‘siege’ and ‘riot’ and ‘thugs’ and how they are mindless thugs that are solely interested in creating social disorder. Hall et al. illustrates his point when it comes to the language used by the government that is taken up by the media such a robber, mugger to create our way of thinking , or even common sense, when it comes to the right and wrong. and how that then in turn creates

  • Anthropological Critique Of Davidson Et Al

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    Anthropological Critique of Davidson et al. (2014) ‘Anthropogenic Nutrients and Harmful Algae in Coastal Waters’ Introduction With geological experts currently heralding a new geological period, the Anthropocene (Kolbert, 2011), attention is drawn to the overarching impact of humankind upon the environment. The article ‘Anthropogenic nutrients and harmful algae in coastal waters’, published by the Journal of Environmental Management, Davidson et al. (2014) propose that nutrients from anthropogenic