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  • The Divine Timeless Eternity Theory Essay

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    The divine timeless eternity theory is the traditional view pertaining to God and time, but it is by no means the only theory, as there are at least four. My original intention was to compare two views in relation to this topic, however, the complexity of the dialogue has proven difficult. Therefore, I will discuss one theory in depth since I believe it will suffice. In this framework, I will discuss the challenges and varying beliefs with the ideas involved. The goal of my paper is to understand

  • Now and Then: A Discourse on Issues of God and Time Essay

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    Now and Then: A Discourse on Issues of God and Time The classical understanding of God's relationship with time, eternity, and his knowledge of the future, as exemplified by Classical thinkers such as Boethius, Aquinas, and others, creates problems in regards to creaturely freedom. The question is typically phrased, "Since God is never wrong, if God knows at one moment that one of his creatures will perform some act at a moment which will occur after the moment he knew of the act, then will his

  • Essay Questions On ' Barbaric '

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    Vocabulary: 1. asphyxiating - (synonym: suffocating) (antonym: breathing) 2. barbarous - (synonym: brutal) (antonym: compassionate) 3. manifest - (synonym: observable) (antonym: concealed) 4. vainglory - (synonym: pride) (antonym: meekness) 5. connoisseur - (synonym: expert) (antonym: ignoramus) 6. platitudes - (synonym: trite comments) (antonym: genuine comments) Questions: 1. Wormwood’s mistake was that he allowed the patient to partake in “real positive Pleasures”. 2. The trait of “Pains

  • Why Accountability Is A Necessity For The House Of God

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    Lack of spiritual focus, lack of commitment and laziness can easily creep into a person’s life. You can work only when you are awake and not when you are asleep. Some people are more committed and effective at their jobs more than they are devoted to God and His house. This is the main reason why accountability is a necessity in the house of God. Neglecting to order your family in righteousness and bringing up your children in the way of the Lord from the time they are born amounts to abandoning

  • Second Chance Theology is a Different Way to Tell About Hell

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    Introduction Hell is a topic that is not for the faint of heart—it sits heavy and hits low. For the average person, hell is hard to even dream about because of the suffering and anguish that is attached. Even for the believer, hell is a sore subject. What person, while spreading the news about Jesus, wants to tell a person the penalty if they do not believe in this doctrine? To answer this difficult section of Christianity, scholars, from throughout the years, have primarily clung to two different

  • Divine Foreknowledge Essay

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    Divine Foreknowledge Growing up as a Christian, in the Christian church, I was always taught that God knows everything. God knows the beginning and end, and everything in between. This is something that, until one starts asking tough questions, one usually accepts. My goal in writing this essay is not to change someone’s beliefs about God, or beliefs in God, but instead to challenge people to quote, un-quote, think outside the box. Consider the pros and cons of God knowing everything and also

  • Critique Of The Great Divorce

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    Critique of The Great Divorce The Great Divorce is a wonderful work of literature written by C.S. Lewis about a mans trip on a bus to heaven and an understanding of eternity written form a first person perspective. It starts out with this man getting on a bus with several other people on it; to his surprise the bus begins to fly. After a while in flight the bus begins to descend, and the trees that were once figures far below him begin to get closer and closer until finally he lands on a completely

  • The Reason For The Existence Of Evil

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    serving by letting them continue. God can use wicked people and things to accomplish his purposes. He is always in control. Also, justice is guaranteed in regards to payment for sins. If we do not see evil punished on Earth, it will be punished in eternity. Specifically, suffering due to evil can also serve a redemptive purpose. This is most profoundly seen in the doctrine of the Messiah, whom the Christians understand to be Jesus. Our evil nature had created a chasm between humanity and God. God

  • A Biblical Story

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    The following is not a biblical story, but one I find applicable in my walk with God and community with humanity. It is the story about the kid walking the beach and throwing starfish back into the ocean. Someone asked why are you doing this when there are so many more than you can help? The response is that helping that one was important for that one. The following Psalms are supportive of the idea that I have a responsibility to share God to those around me. I can use Psalms to show the progression

  • Reflection Paper

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    Throughout my eighth grade year I was very focused on what could or should happen the next day and I was constantly worrying about things I had no control over. I never took to time to really appreciate the day. When my dad first introduced me to the song “Tomorrow” by Unspoken, I didn't get the full message. But as I listened to the song more and more I came to realize how significantly this relates to my life. The song taught me how to focus on today, not worry about the future and let God