Ethernet in the First Mile

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  • NT1310 unit 5 Essay

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    performing a cable installation, there are a lot of things that you have to put into consideration. First, you want to draw up a plan. Some things that you would want to include in the plan would be: where your telecommunications rooms are located, what is the distance from your leased line to your core router, and what type of cable are you going to be using for your backbone and horizontal lines. The first thing shouldn’t be cost when you are designing a network. You want to think of the safety and how

  • Fiber Optic Cable, Transmitter and Receiver Characteristics Essay

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    Fiber Optic Cable, Transmitter and Receiver Characteristics Today many communications companies are replacing their copper carrier wires with fiber optic cables. A fiber optic cable is capable of transmitting laser light across thousands of miles and can carry many more messages at the same time than the copper wire of equivalent diameter. With the relentless pursuit of bandwidth, fiber optic cabling is being deployed at an ever increasing rate. This cable, which uses glass to carry light pulses

  • Network Overhead, What It Is? and How It’s Affecting the Overall Performance of Entire Network System?

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    extra that shouldn’ t be. So what is overhead in networking or how it’s affecting the entire network performance? It does not seem irrelevant for us to know something that most of us deal in everyday life knowingly or unknowingly. The technology like Ethernet that we use most to transfer data over the network is the main focus on this paper to measure the overhead. We all know the bandwidth we get from ISP, that’s what we

  • Application Of Free Space Optics

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    Introduction Free Space Optics is an advance technology used to transmit data from one point to another using light a medium. This technology has emerged in 1960’s and has been advanced day by day. This has become the advanced and mostly used because of the data rates and the bandwidths provided by this type of communication. This is now mostly used for connecting different LANs and also used in satellite communication. There are many wireless technologies like Bluetooth, infrared and many others

  • Fi-Wi Technology

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    Fi-Wi TECHNOLOGY (Fiber Wireless Network Architecture) Gande Kiran Kumar, IT Department, MallaReddy Inst of Eng& Tech(MRIET) , Maisammaguda, Secunderabad. 8099225308. ,Gajula Vijay Kumar , IT Department, MallaReddy Inst of Eng& Tech(MRIET) Maisammaguda, Secunderabad 8125746522. Abstract— The ultimate goal of Fiber Wireless (FI-WI) networks is to convergence of various optical and wireless technologies under a single infrastructure

  • Fiber And The Home And Fiber

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    packets with QoS in an FSAN-aligned GPON,” IEEE Commun. Mag., vol. 42, no. 2, pp. 92–98, Feb. 2004. [6] Ethernet in the First Mile, IEEE Standard 802.3ah, 2004. [7] Gigabit-Capable Passive Optical Networks: Physical Media Dependent Layer Specification, ITU-T Standard G.984.2, 2003. [8] Y.-H. Oh, S.-G. Lee, Q. Le, H.-Y. Kang, and T.-W. Yoo, “A CMOS burst-mode optical transmitter for 1.25-Gb/s ethernet PON applications,” IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. II, Exp. Briefs, vol. 52, no. 11, pp. 780–783, Nov. 2005

  • Pros And Cons Of Wireless Networking Protocols

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    ports.” There are usually one network hub or network switch that permits their interconnection. The most standard “wired” computer networks are known as “Ethernet.” This is made-up of UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cables, and just about all personal computers have a UTP Ethernet Network port as standard. The printer also comes with an Ethernet port, making it easily shared amongst the user of a network. Other wired channels are coaxial cable used for cable T.V, Category 6 cables used for LANs, and

  • Business Data Communication and Networks test bank Essays

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    Which of the following is a data link layer function? A) packetizing B) error and flow control C) medium access control The data link layer is responsible for _______ delivery. C) hop-to-hop The data packet at the data link layer is usually called a _______. A) frame The protocol for obtaining the physical address of a node when the IP address is known is called _______. C) ARP A signal can lose energy due to the resistance of the medium. This is called _______. D) attenuation

  • DenTrain Tablets and Printers for Your Company Essay

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    suited to serve as the standard black and white printer for your office for normal business printing and large volume printing. It prints 42 pages per minute and has capacity for 1,100 sheets, duplex printing, scanning, and faxing. It has native Ethernet connectivity with configuration and job management via your network for easy administration. Based on your usage patterns four of these will be installed to support your 50 employees. A single HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP4025dn will be installed

  • Within A Couple Of Decades, Global Communication Has Gone

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    Scientist came to label his hypothesis as geostationary orbit, and the sector at which satellites today revolve around, 22,300 miles above the ground, was termed Clarke’s belt. Although Sputnik 1, launched in 1957, was the first artificial satellite to orbit earth, the “first communications satellite was Score, a United States satellite launched on Dec. 18, 1958. Score broadcast a taped greeting from President Dwight D. Eisenhower” (“Communications