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  • Ethylene Gas : A Natural Gas

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    Ethylene Gas Ethylene gas is one of the by-products of respiration, and occurs naturally as produce ripens. It can have both positive and negative impacts upon your program. Ethylene is a natural gas made by some fruits and vegetables. Ethylene causes certain fruits and vegetables to ripen faster, which can lead to over-ripening and spoilage. For this reason, you want to be careful to keep ethylene-producing items away from ethylene-sensitive product and that your storage and display areas have

  • The Formation Of Acc And Its Conversion Into Ethylene

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    of respiration of the fruit gives ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) need for the methionine cycle and can lead to induced ethylene production without high levels of intracellular methionine. SAM is a crucial methyl giver and relates to numerous aspects of cellular metabolism. Thus, the two steps involved in the synthesis of ethylene is the formation of ACC and its conversion into ethylene. The genes encoding ACS and ACO have therefore been studied more deeply than other enzymes in the pathway, although

  • Ethylene Glycol And Potential Exposure Sources

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    Ethylene glycol ( CAS # 107-21-1), also known as monoethylene glycol (MEG), 1,2-ethanediol, 2-hydroxyethanol, dihydroxyethanol, glycol, glycol alcohol, and ethylene alcohol , is a toxic, colorless, odorless, sweet, and viscous liquid (NLM, 2012). It is a member of the glycol family, a group of simple organic chemicals characterized by two hydroxyl (-OH) groups at adjacent positions on a hydrocarbon chain (WHO, 2002). This unique chemical arrangement contributes to: high solubility in water, lower

  • Dow Chemical Bid for Pbb Privatization

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    PBB produced both ethylene and polyethylene. It was part of a petrochemical complex located in Bahia Blanca, 700 kilometers south of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.1 Vignart believed that the acquisition of PBB offered Dow a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the leading polyethylene player in Latin America. tC

  • Taking a Look at Plant Abscission

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    Abscission is the process by which a plant drops one or more of its parts including leaves, fruits, flowers or even seeds. Plants may undergo this process of abscission in the purpose of either to discard its part that is no longer necessary, such as a leaf during autumn, or a flower following fertilisation or even for the purposes of reproduction. Most deciduous plants drop their leaves by abscission before winter, whereas evergreen plants abscise their leaves continuously. Another form of abscission

  • Volatile Organic Compound Detection Using Graphene

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    Title: ‘Volatile Organic Compound detection using Graphene: Determining the Fruit Ripeness '- by Dr. Sunipa Roy, Prof. C.K. Sarkar. Table of Content: 1. Introduction 2. Classification of fruits 3. Technical standards involved- State of the art 4. Introduction to Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) 4.1 VOCs related to fruit ripening 4.2 Chemical reactions involved 5. What is Nano Sensor? 6. Different types of Carbon Nano materials 7. Graphene - 7.1 Easy Synthesis approach 7.2 Properties related

  • Dow Chemical Case

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    of becoming privatized by the Argentine government, Dow Chemicals saw the acquisition of this company as a golden opportunity to become the leading polyethylene player in Latin America. Dow Chemical’s was already a major player in the chemicals (ethylene), plastics (polyethylene), and agricultural products industries holding position as a low-cost producer. Breaking each segment of their business down into these categories respectively, Dow Chemicals was able to generate annual revenues of 20.2

  • Polyethylene: Manufacturing Cycle and Environmental Impact Essay

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    There are several methods by which industry converts purified ethylene gas into polyethylene; a commonly used one is by means of a fluidized reactor bed. Before ethylene is sent to the fluidized bed, it needs to be first compressed and heated, then metallic catalyst particles are used to keep polyethylene molecules stuck together (this is done when the ethylene enters the reactor). Lastly, polyethylene comes out of the reactor as granular powder, which is later

  • Advantages Of Olefins

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    Olefins are usually produced in large quantities in the petrochemical industry. The separation of olefins from paraffins is of primary importance to the chemical industry. Olefin/paraffin mixture is difficult to separate due to their similar physical and chemical properties such as molecular sizes and boiling point. The most common method for olefin/paraffin separation in the industry is the distillation process, commonly known as cryogenic distillation which is considered as one of the most energy-intensive

  • The Natural Development Of Banana Ripening Essay

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    natural development is due to a single organic gas: ethylene. As this hydrocarbon is produced by the fruit various enzymes are produced, catalyzing the previously stated reactions and ripening the banana.1 Qualitatively, banana ripening can be measured by the color of the peel, degree of hardness, and aromatic properties for this is an indicator of the level of ethylene exposure and state of ripeness A banana unexposed to a significant amount of ethylene has a green peel. This is due to the high concentration