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  • Europa, The Possibility of Life Essay

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    system, Jupiter, orbits a moon only about the same size as Earth’s moon. On this moon, is an icy surface that scientists are trying to uncover. Due to the presence of what they believe to be water, there is the possibility of life on this moon named Europa. In 1609, Galileo Galilei, using “spyglass” which allowed one to see things closer than they appeared, made an early version of the telescope. With it, he observed the skies in a way no one had before. He discovered the moon isn’t perfectly globular

  • Possibility Of Life On Europa

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    that possibly finding life on Europa, likely in the future, will illuminate the origins of life on Earth but will likely cause conflict for some subcultures as well. Section 1: Possibility of Life on Europa There is possibility of finding life on Europa. Europa is one of four moons orbiting Jupiter. The premises of the possibility of life on Europa is that there are hydrothermal vents with life on Earth as well as on Europa. By observation, it is known that Europa has an icy surface. It is furthermore

  • Jupiter´s Europa Moon

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    Europa is the sixth of Jupiter's moons and the fourth largest. Europa is named after a Phoenician princess who was abducted by Zeus and taken to the island of Crete to be his lover. Europa was discovered by Galileo Galilei and possibly Simon Marius in 1610 and is one of the four Galilean satellites. The others being: Io, Ganymede, and Callisto. Europa is very different from the other moons of Jupiter. Instead of a rocky, cratered surface like Callisto and Ganymede, it instead has a smooth outer surface

  • Galileo's Argument

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    Galileo Galilei a renaissance paragon, from mathematics to medicine to the study of the skies, astronomy. Attributing science discoveries to the renaissance era, an era in which the achievements of man are to be celebrated (textbook), with this new ideology new ways of thinkings began . Discovering Jupiter’s moons in a time of weak and few technological tools. With these discoveries Galileo Galilei strengthened the argument that the solar system revolved around the sun rather than earth strengthening

  • Space Persuasive Essay

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    to prosper. Well fear not, there are space companies like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) and SpaceX trying to search throughout the universe for the possibilities of human survival. One of Jupiter's four largest moon called Europa, discovered by the Galileo spacecraft created from NASA, believed to contain water essential towards human life. The more reasons on why humans all over Earth should consider space exploration as one of the top priority, because Earth's resources

  • The Search For Extraterrestrial Life

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    Extraterrestrial Life Humanity has gazed at the star laden sky since the dawn of time, and one question has been asked with great frequency, are we alone in the universe? While humankind may never discover bipedal humanoid life forms as portrayed on the movie screen, the chance that microorganisms, bacteria, or other small forms of extraterrestrial life are greater than many think. This essay will explore what scientists search for, how they search, present sources who favor the possibility of life

  • Argumentative Essay On Ancient Aliens

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    astrophysicist Brad Tucker says he is “ninety-five percent” sure that NASA will announce it has discovered changing levels of methane in the atmosphere – a phenomenon driven by organic life, at least here on Earth.” ( “Jupiter's tiny moon Europa is scarred with brown veins that are suspected to

  • Jupiter: The Biggest Planet

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    Review of Literature I. Introduction- History of Jupiter Jupiter is the most massive planet in our solar system. The planet was named after the kings of gods in Roman mythology. In a related way, the ancient Greeks named it after Zeus, the king of the Greek pantheon. Jupiter has helped transform the way we saw the universe in 1610 when Galileo discovered Jupiter's four largest moons. This project will describe Jupiter's characteristics. Some of these characteristics include size, Great Red

  • Pan Europa

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    Pan Europa Foods S.A.* Autum Black Alan shaw Matt dawn Purdue University Introduction to Project Management Dr. Peter desouza Executive Summary Case Diagnosis Pan Europa management heavily relied on debt financing to sustain firms capital spending dividends. Their share values in the market were low and not competitive. Moreover the shareholders lost confidence in the company’s performance resulting in decreased share value and low profitability. The company is struggling in its

  • ¿Son los intelectuales hombres críticos o servidores del poder establecido?

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    La historia como la conocemos se ha desarrollado en un contexto bastante heterogéneo, ya sea en la línea de los pensamientos, ideas, valoraciones y obviamente influida por una gran cantidad de hechos históricos que han actuado en todos aquellos momentos. Desde cambios en la ideología, religión, avances tecnológicos, desarrollo del comercio, revoluciones, independencias y hasta los principios de la prensa, han cambiado la forma de pensar y del actuar de las personas, sobre todo de aquellos, que denominamos