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  • The Union And The European Union

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    The European Union is an entity that is seen nowhere else in the world. It is not a government, it is not an international organization, and it is not just an association of states. The European Union members, instead, have decided to turnover part of their sovereignty to the Union so that many decisions can be made at the institutions leadership level. This partnership includes 28 diverse democracies built together on the basis of complex treaties. Although the goals of this organization were to

  • The Union Of The European Union

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    the Queen her happy 90th birthday and tell the British people that voting to leave the European Union in the 23 June 2016 referendum is a terrible idea. It was in sharp contrast to what the Leave campaigners had been promising them. The Leave campaigners have been trying to create a bubble that Britain outside the European Union will be a prosperous paradise at the center of universe, free from pesky European countries. But Obama punctured their bubble by telling the British that Britain outside

  • The Union Of The European Union

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    Brexiters are desperate and angry with everything and everyone that suggests that the British people should vote to remain in the European Union in the 23 June 2016 referendum. The recent victim of their desperation and ire has been no less a personage than the US President Barrack Obama himself. President Obama was in London recently to wish the Queen her happy 90th birthday and help Prime Minister David Cameron win the referendum in which the British people will vote whether they want to remain

  • The European Union

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    Kingdom has approved a referendum on UK’s membership of the European Union. Opinion polls show that British citizens have a different perspective on the issue. A recent study conducted by center for European reform showed that “The younger generation of Britons favors European Union because it offers a good economic prospect. At the same time, the older generation perceives the EU as an anti-democratic institution. Experts form European commission suggests that the possibility of Britain exiting

  • The European Union

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    The European Union was initially set up as a means to terminate the conflict that occurred within Europe throughout the 20th century, culminating with the end of The Second World War (WWII) and The Cold War that followed. The EU ultimately aimed to bring the member countries together in order to form an ‘ever closer union’ between the countries of Europe, thus preventing a future battle. The Union started as the European Economic Community (EEC), which was established in 1957, and over the years

  • The European Union

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    values that comprise the organization: the European Union. From economics to politics, the organization has grown to include most of the European countries. Their policies emphasize the rule of law; meaning every action executed within the organization is founded on treaties, along with the agreement of the participating countries. Its focus continues to promote human rights, as well as making their institution more transparent and democratic. The European Union is constantly growing and refining itself

  • The European Union

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    There are few glaring events that will go down in history as the defining geopolitical events of this century. Great Brittan’s recent results from a referendum heldon on June 23, 2016 to decide if it should leave the European Union (EU) is one such glaring event. Brexit, the acronym for this referendum, is synonymous with the contemporary populist sentiment supporting nationalism, economic autonomy, curbing immigration, and defying elitist politicians who do not understand the reality of the working

  • The European Union

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    The European Union was formed after WW2 in the late 1940s. The main purpose behind the establishment of the European Union was to end the period of wars between neighbouring countries and unite all of Europe as one strong economy. The nations officially started joining the European Council in 1949. The initial six nations that acted as founding members for the European Union were Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Netherland (European Commision, 2014). Overtime, more nations joined in

  • The European Union

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    voted to leave their membership in the European Union. In order for the vote to be official they must use a little known provision in their membership clause with the European Union called the Article 50 or the Lisbon Treaty. The European Union was a political and economic cooperation where participating countries used their collective financial and social practices to strengthen social and economic stability. “The European Union began in 1951 as the European Coal and Steel Community, an effort by

  • The European Union

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    The European Union was created by the idea and hope for unity and integrity. However, as it enlarges to 28 countries, many problems arise. The Union 's inability to find its place in the divided and dynamical modern world leads to it having more of a supportive role to greater powers as Russia and the US. The countries within it are severely divided and unable to reach a common strategy concerning major issues and if they not resolve this lack of coherence, the EU risks to be pushed in the sidelines