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  • Keg River Essay

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    The term Keg River has been historically used within Alberta to indentify early to middle Devonian carbonate reef type structures within the Alberta Basin. Nomenclature problems were identified by Schneider (2011) with commonly interchangeable terminology that began in the 1930s, including Upper Elk Point formations such as the Winnipegosis, Keg River and Methy. Sproule (in Ells, 1932) described the Keg River from outcrops along the Clearwater River, near Fort McMurray in the 1930s. Sproule described

  • How Would You Compare The Relationship Between Witherite And Barite

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    change in the oxidation. Malachite represents a later stage of oxidation and the increased oxidation is what causes the color change. These minerals occur in near surface in hydrothermal sulfide deposits, so they are found with chalcopyrite. 4. Evaporite sequence is formed in a restricted basin, which evaporation progressively increases the concentration of cations and anions in the water. For marine water the most abundant cations are Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, and K+. and the most abundant anions are Cl-

  • A Short Note On The Salinity Crisis And Its Effects On The Sea

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    it could having an impact on the global level. The Mediterranean Salinity Crisis is said to have occurred in three stages. The first stage was when the, “evaporites precipitated in shallow sub-basins.” Basically, this is when natural salt build us in the sub-basin after the evaporation of a body of water. During the second stage, “evaporite precipitation is shifted to the deepest depocentres.” Essentially all of the salts moved to the bottom of the basin. This is what the oil drillers were drilling

  • Saturation And Synthesis Essay

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    This is because as evaporite minerals precipitate out of solution, the remaining solution will have fewer of the ions that comprise the evaporite minerals. This is consistent with the degree of saturation values shown in table 5, where the fourth sample had the highest degree of saturation, indicating that it was between the time sample

  • Natural Resources of Texas Essay example

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    The most important of these is the Permian Basin. In the latter half of the Paleozoic era, sediments rich in organic matter accumulated here when a shallow sea got cut off from the main oceans and evaporated off, leaving lots of dead critters and evaporites. These sediments eventually got buried and compressed, causing the oil and gas to form "pockets in permeable rock, surrounded by impermeable rocks so that they couldn't escape. There the fluid sits until someone pokes a hole (well) into the area

  • Cause And Effect Of Chacxulub Impact

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    Chicxulub Impact By Talullah Lennon The Cause: An Asteroid is formed in the inner solar system in a particular part called the Asteroid Belt, when small particles of rock and metal collide with each other, and slowly build up over time. Planets are formed the same way as asteroids, but what stops asteroids from growing and becoming a planet is due to the gravitationally pull of Jupiter. The asteroid belt lies between Jupiter and mars. Because of Jupiter's gravitationally pull the asteroid goes at

  • petro hw #3 Essay

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    (10 points) There are clastics, nonclastics, and evaporites. Clastics include sandstone, which is a reservoir, and shale, which is a source, trap, and also a reservoir. An example of a nonclastic is carbonate, which is a reservoir. An example of an evaporite is salt, which is a trap. 10. The seismic reflection coefficient R for the interface between two layers of rock is given (approximately)

  • The Depositional Environments Of The Six Facies Displayed

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    1. The depositional environments of the six facies displayed in Figure 1 are as follows: • Fore reef (dark blue)-The mudstones indicate a low energy environment and small amounts of skeletal fragments creating a wackestone, suggesting an infrequent presence of organisms. The conglomerates have formed due to gravity driven flows. • Reef crest (orange) - Indicated by the presence of red algae and Schleractinian corals e.g. .Acropora (Oppen, at el, 2000), which suggests a low energy crest. • Lagoon

  • Southern North Sea Basin Essay

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    Introduction The Southern North Sea basin is located between the UK and The Netherlands, being the main gas fields in the UK, with production coming from Permian reservoirs, which are sealed by the upper Permian salt. The development of this basin is resulted of the subsidence, which has been punctuated by discrete events of uplift and predominant erosion in several periods such as Late Carboniferous, Late Cretaceous, as well as at several times during the mid-Cenozoic (Cameron et al. 1992, cited

  • Exam Three Study Guide

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    Chapter 11 The first Paleozoic orogeny to occur in the Cordilleran mobile belt was the: | c. Antler | | Extensive cratonic black shales were deposited during what two periods? | d. Late Devonian-Early Mississippian | | The main economic deposit of a cyclothem is: | a. coal | | During the Late Kaskaskia (Cratonic Sequence 3), what type of deposition predominated on the craton? | e. carbonates | | Which orogeny was not part of the closing of the Iapetus Ocean