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  • Everyday Dangers Of Distracted Driving

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    Everyday Dangers Distracted driving is very dangerous, and, while there are many distractions, some are avoidable. Many car accidents are caused by drivers who are distracted by something. One of the main distractions in this day and age would be the cell phone, which most everyone has. It is a person's means of communication, as well as a calendar, alarm clock, camera, et cetera. However, is it worth risking the life of the driver and the lives of others? Simply talking on the phone is probably

  • Personal Narrative : My Dog, Loki

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    louder now. A lot louder. I can tell what it is now. It 's the sound of nails scratching on the door. At this point, Loki noticed it too. He doesn 't bark like usual. He 's in between whimpering and growling. Like he 's scared, but knows there 's danger. I find this weird, because this dog isn 't afraid of anything. I stay silent. I hadn 't noticed it yet, but I was holding my breath. It 's times like this I hate living here. I 'm on the fourth floor of my complex building, so jumping out the window

  • Biography of Agustin Recha Mora

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    Agustin Recha Mora was born in May 1954, in Granada, Spain. He moved to Bilbao in 1967 and he is teaching as a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Bilbao since 1979. Recha Mora has been into a lot of contests and he has won many awards. Most of his work was for a reason, which is to show the importance of the loss. In this report, I will be analyzing the form, content and context of one of his works which is called Street towards Plaza Ercilla Moyúa and showing the intentions of Recha Mora.


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    The dead-ended street She stood in the middle of the street, where the wind washed on the sighing pavement with a hollow sound at midnight. Her empty eyes saw straight through the bleary neon lights flickering on and off the street signs.  She looked and saw nothing, gulping in cleansing, scouring draughts of air. Her hair whipped around her face, and the world was reduced to fragments and blurs, spots and smudges of something unreal. A train whistled through the air behind her, silent as a

  • Movie : Hacksaw Ridge, Directed By Mel Gibson

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    Throughout the history of motion pictures, the industry has produced a vast number and variety of films that have differed from genre to genre. Although many of these films have proven memorable for both good and bad reasons, only a few of these films will be remembered for a long period of time as a great movie and one that people suggest to everyone as a “must see film.” The genre examined for this analysis is war films. The films in this category for the most part are centered on real life events

  • The first thing that they said, when I told my friend I wanted to further my studies in Reading is:

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    my feelings? After this happened to me, those really mean words kept playing on my mind. Sometimes I heard people whispering in my ear and it make me harder for me to get to sleep. In spite of this, if he knew what I felt would he feel guilty? Everyday before I went to sleep, I will cry until I fell asleep because those words kept playing on my mind. When I woke up, I felt

  • Exploring Influence on Identity in Dionne Brand’s What We All Long For

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    Have you ever gone to Chinatown supposing to find a culture full of African Americans? Probably not, because that is not where they’re expected to be. We live in a world where colonies of different colored people are expected, or otherwise discriminated into populating distinct spaces; African Americans are supposed to be in the ghetto, Chinese belong in Chinatown, and Caucasians reserve more elite communities. For centuries, each race has been striving to belong in a society where people are accepted

  • Lives of the Saints Essay

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    Lives of the Saints      Lives of the Saints is a story that examines the complexities and tribulations of everyday life in a small town. Throughout the novel, we discover that even the most trustworthy and caring individuals live secret lives behind closed doors, and that the surface appearance of minor communities can be very deceptive. Some people spend their entire adult-lives trying to knock down these doors and discover the truth, but perhaps they are overlooking the key to the lock… our

  • The Meaning of Heritage in Alice Walker's Everyday Use Essay

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    The Meaning of Heritage in Alice Walker's Everyday Use     Alice Walker's "Everyday Use," is a story about a poor, African-American family and a conflict about the word "heritage." In this short story, the word "heritage" has two meanings. One meaning for the word "heritage" represents family items, thoughts, and traditions passed down through the years. The other meaning for the word "heritage" represents the African-American culture. There are three women in this short story, two sisters

  • Out Out by Robert Frost

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    literary work communicates deep meaning through the use of metaphoric language and deception. Being raised most of his life on a farm; his works perceive the natural life of a normal person while out in nature. “Frost believes that the emphasis on everyday life allows him to communicate with his readers more clearly; they can empathize with the struggles and emotions that are expressed in his poems and come to a greater understanding of ‘Truth’ themselves” (Robert Frost: Poems Themes). The poem Out