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    English Department Improving your written work at key stage 3 Have you ever tried really hard at a piece of writing: your handwriting’s lovely, you’ve done your best with spelling and punctuation, but your English teacher still doesn’t think your work would get the level you want for Key Stage 3 teacher assessment? Frustrating, isn’t it? What should you do? The first thing to do is to read the comments your teacher has written on your work. Then, talk to your teacher – be prepared

  • Princess Diana Rhetorical Analysis or Reports Essay

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    Strawn Mrs. Leopard AP Lang and Comp Rhetorical Analysis of Four Articles Upon Princess Diana’s Death Princess Diana of Wales was killed in a car accident in Paris, France in 1997. She was divorced from England’s Prince Charles and a mother to Princes William and Harry. In her life, she was known for her philanthropy and her marriage with the Prince. The accident was known around the world and many newspapers and news programs wrote articles about the late Princess’s death. The Queen of England and Princess

  • Importance Of Propaganda In Journalism

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    between what reporting, inferences, and judgements are. Communitarianism- Communitarianism has emphasis on society and the larger majority of a group. In journalism or public relations and individual would look at what brings people together. For example (fiction), covering a story about how MSU’s Homecoming parade brought helping hands together as participants prepared to rain-proof their floats last-minute, which made for a successful homecoming parade. A non-Communitarianism could have reported

  • Raising the Legal Driving Age

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    such as how will impact society? If the legal driving age in the United States is raised to 18 will there be a decrease of accidents? In the United States most states allow teenagers to have a learner’s permit and a driver’s license at age 16. Rising the legal driving age would cut down on car accidents and associated damages, cut down on teen deaths from traffic accidents and allow for teens to gain more experience before driving on their own. Let’s take

  • Teens And Driving : Teen Driving

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    teens that choose to follow in this path of drinking and driving, most of them do not have the real life experiences that are required to make a rational, educated, and safe decision. The social pressures to conform to the “normal” behavior, the bad examples, and the lack of strong parental figures can lead the best of teens down the wrong path. Hopefully, while most will learn, drunk teen drivers are a huge risk to everyone, with the potential to end not only their life, but the lives of the innocent

  • Claims Adjuster Case Study

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    After a car accident, the insurance company will want to know the details of the accident. A claims adjuster will contact you to take a statement. This usually happens a few days after the accident, which is often a terrible time to make any statements especially if you've been injured and are taking pain medicine. While giving a statement might speed up the claim process, it might result in a problem with the claim if you're not careful. Why Does the Insurance Company Want a Recorded Statement

  • Analysis Of ' The Engineer 's Lament '

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    Engineer 's Lament,” focused on similar ideas as the other two authors, but had a different interpretation and way of presenting them. Risk is often evaluated based on a cost-benefit analysis, which is the underlying theme of the three pieces of writing. Sunstein defines it as “a means of overcoming predictable problems in individual and social cognition” (30). He believes that people interpret risk the wrong way; they assume that if something is high-risk it is low benefit and vise versa, but in

  • Short Story On A Car Accident

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    Jimmy is out with friends at the movies theater. The movie ends at 10 o’clock and his curfew is 10:30 pm. His friends want to go get food after the movies so they did. While on the way there a car accident happened that slowed down traffic for a little bit. They finally got to the restaurant to eat at 10:45. They went in, sat down, talked, ate some food and then left. When Jimmy was pulling into his driveway he looks at the clock and sees that it is 12:30 am. He knew he was late; his parent is going

  • Problem Analysis : Distracted Driving

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    have texted while driving (Madden & Lenhart, 2013). The number of Americans who report being in a vehicle while a driver was texting, however, is even higher (Madden & Lenhart, 2013). Half of all American adults and teens aged 12-17 recall having been in a car in which the driver was texting (Madden & Lenhart, 2013). Just under half of all American adults (44%) and teens (40%) say that they have been a passenger in a car where the driver used a phone in a way that put themselves, or others, at risk

  • TDA 2.8: Support children and young people’s Health and Safety. 1.2

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    The annual audit report. Incident reports for example near misses and violence. Other information about changes in requirements as they occur. The people responsible for reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 1985 (RIDDOR) and the documentation of are the office manager and administrator. The law states that employers report: All fatal and specified major injuries such as burns, breaks and head injuries