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  • The Pros And Cons Of Darwinism

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    Darwinism is a theory of evolution based upon inherited variations in organisms and natural selection of fitter variants to produce species adapted to their habitats, which can also be referred to as ‘descent with modification’. (Times Higher Education, 1995). Darwinism is the original concept suggested by Darwin to explain the mode of speciation, which is the evolutionary process by which biological populations evolve to become distinct species. All inheritable favourable variation is considered

  • Evolution Of Evolutionary Psychology And Culture

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    lyrics and popular sayings such as proverbs and quotes across different cultures and looking for recurrent themes. He claims that these recurring universal themes are ingrained in our shared human nature and they may be the product of adaptation and exaptation. In his examination of collective wisdom, Sadd focuses on mating-related sayings and mentions other kinds of examples in another work of his. Through his analysis of song lyrics in popular culture, it appears that most songs are about mating preferences

  • Contributions Of The Human Genome Project

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    the theory of adaptation is exaptation. Survival of the fittest determined the adaptation and thus evolution of new species. “Some evolutionary innovations may originate non-adaptively as exaptation, or pre-adaptations, which are by-product of other adaptive traits” (Barve and Wagner, 2013). It has been known that birds got their feathers for flight from dinosaurs, and some proteins change into lens because of their ability to refract light. In a nutshell, exaptation is the result of adaptation from

  • Sample Resume : Midterm Take Home Exam

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    Provide an example of each in your explanation. Are the Spandrels of San Marcos a true exaptation? Adaptation refers to selected features that increase fitness. An example of this is light coat color in the dune populations of oldfield mice – Hopi Hoekstra and her colleagues constructed silicone models of oldfield mice that they painted to

  • Taking a Look at Adaptation

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    There are many factors that affect the survival or extinction of a population of organisms. However, one of the most thought-provoking factors of survival is that of animal adaptation. Over the years, animal adaptations have astonished scientists and led to many discoveries of how organisms have survived throughout time. An adaptation is a feature of an animal that has changed over the course of time to better help the animal survive in their given habitat. Natural selection is what causes adaptations

  • How Does Stress Affect The Immune System?

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    Question Set A: 1. When we experience stress, how is the endocrine system activated? How does it become deactivated? The stress response involved the HPA-hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. First, the hypothalamus activates the sympathetic nervous system. The adrenal gland then secretes epinephrine and norepinephrine, which increase heart rate. The pituitary gland produces hormones that tell the adrenal gland to secrete cortisol, which is involved with the release of stored energy. The negative

  • Daniel Dennett's Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life

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    Consider it exaptation. Can altruism- true altruism, not altruism among kin, not reciprocal altruism, but the fabled Good Samaritan altruism, exist as a product of evolution? There is no clear evolutionary advantage to helping those in the "out-group" that deals strictly

  • Ornithomimus: Paleontology Study

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    A study conducted in Alberta, Canada, has identified a new dinosaur species, Ornithomimus (Science Daily, 2015). This discovery, made by an undergraduate paleontology student, unveiled a species with soft tissue as well as preserved tail feathers (Science Daily, 2015). Learning about the existence of this particular species has helped fill in unknown gaps about the convergent evolution between dinosaurs and ostriches (Science Daily, 2015). Due to sediment compaction, the obtained evidence of the

  • The Human Eye Is A Perfect Well Designed Optical System

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    Abstract According to the report for the 2012 National Health Interview Survey, at least 1.5 million Americans weakened their vision due to use of technology. However, thanks to advanced technology and innovation people can choose between glasses and contacts as a therapy for improving their eyesight. Contact lenses have become the fastest progressing medical devices in optometry and have seen a number of significant improvements and developments since its existence (Schaeffer, 2011). According to

  • Thomas King The Truth About Stories Analysis

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    When looking through animal history, we humans have praised ourselves for our exceptional ability to communicate in an advanced manner. Whether we are listening or speaking, humans have crafted language into a powerful tool that is boundless and flexible against other arts. Moreover, through the perspective of building civilizations, communication has been the foundation of community. As Language is our most advanced form of communication; to what degree of value do we hold it in our society? Throughout