Executive functions

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  • Bilingual Advantages In Executive Function

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    Bilingual advantages in executive function In a study of bilingual adults, non-verbal executive functions were found to be a key mechanism system used to solve two or more linguistic conflicts caused by the process of manifesting language co-activation of bilingualism (Ellen Bialystok, 2015). Behavioral visual tracking, event-related potential and functional magnetic resonance imaging studies support the argument of co-language activation. The two implications are related to the viewpoint that

  • The Effects Of Bilingualism On The Executive Function And Working Memory

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    managing 2 competing languages enhance the executive function”. Moreover, her another study(Bialystok, 2004) indicated that bilingual participants also responded more rapidly to conditions that placed greater demands on working memory. In all cases the bilingual advantage was greater for older participants. These two findings imply that bilingualism have beneficial effects on the executive function and working memory. Besides the excellent executive function ability and the great capability of working

  • Comparing The Functions And Power Of Judical, Legislative, And Executive Branches

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    Kutbettin Erbeyi GOVT October 12, 2014 A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE FUNCTION AND POWER OF JUDICAL, LEGISLATIVE, AND EXECUTIVE BRANCHES IN FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS The American Constitution has served a critical role throughout the history of the United States and has affected the powers of federal and state governments. The Constitution laid out the separation of power in government between three branches and each role that they should serve. Federalism divides power along national and state

  • Cognitive Aging Through A Variety Of Theories

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    individual’s age. Some of these cognitive aging theories include executive function, speed of processing, inhibition and frontal lobe theory. This paper will examine each theory along with the supporting research. Furthermore this paper will attempt to draw a conclusion on which theory or explanation best explains cognitive aging. The first theory that aims to explain cognitive aging is executive functioning or executive control. Executive functioning tends to become entangled with speed of processing

  • Children Benefit From Play By Developing Their Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social And Moral Capacities

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    emotions (reference). Executive function is a term used to describe a set of mental processes that are central to helping us organize and order our actions and behaviours (Pocket, 2009). It refers to the cognitive abilities that control and regulate other behaviours and therefore enable goal-directed behaviour. These include the ability to initiate and top actions, assess and change behaviour when need, anticipate outcomes and plan future behaviour. We use executive function when we perform such activities

  • Aging And Cognitive Control: An Argumentative Analysis

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    social advantages of being fluent in more than one language are obvious: the more languages you speak, the more people you can communicate with. Another purported advantage of multilingualism is enhanced “executive function.” The term executive function is used to describe the advanced cognitive functions that define human mental abilities such as exercising self-control, attending to one specific stimulus, switching attention between stimuli, and planning future actions (Yong, 2016). There are numerous

  • Bilingualism Is A Multi Dimensional Human Phenomenon Essay

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    correlation to the different aspects of processing language in a neural network, and how age of acquisition can affect the proficiency of language. The structure of the brain helps us understand the “architecture of language networks”, while the function shows us how these networks are

  • Can Schizophrenia Patients Be A Normal?

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    (National Institute of Mental Health, n.d.). According to Wilk et al. (2005), cognitive impairment is thought to be a central feature of schizophrenia. It spans across a number of separate cognitive domains, such as attention, working memory, executive functions and verbal fluency (Reichenberg, 2010). This notion is also supported in another study done by Bowie and Harvey (2006), which suggests that as a result of schizophrenia being associated across discrete domains of cognitive impairment, it has

  • Bilingualism Has On The Mind Essay

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    From a young age I could remember my grandmother scolding my mother for not teaching me to speak Spanish fluently. I always questioned the importance of being bilingual, like how would this every help me in a world where English is becoming the native tongue. Before I stumbled across the research done on bilingualism I had very little to none background knowledge on bilingualism. I thought the only outcome of being bilingual or multilingual is you get to socialize with other people from other backgrounds

  • How Alzheimer's Changed My Family

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    Still Alice gave me insight as to how this disease can affect many other families other than my own in many similar ways. Seeing Alice go through he stages of dementia, and the affect the disease had on her executive function are what caught my attention the most while reading the book, since those aspects are some that I have witnessed my grandfather go through. One of the most interesting things about the book is that Alice was diagnosed with early onset and could