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  • Accuracy Of Eyewitness Testimony

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    Introduction Eyewitness testimony has been used as an important tool in the criminal justice system. When there is lack of other kinds of evidence, police often rely on eyewitness to find potential suspects. In court, eyewitness testimony is a kind of important evidence associates with DNA or other types of evidence. However, many psychologists think that it should not be used in the criminal justice system as most of the wrongful convictions were caused by inaccurate eyewitness testimony. Although

  • Analysis Of Exposure By Wilfred Owen

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    Exposure by Wilfred Owen 1. In the second stanza Wilfred Owens describes sounds of ‘mad gusts tugging on wire’ this emphasises the force and sounds of the wind. All the soldiers can hear around them is the sound of guns in the distance. The word “incessantly” means constantly for the men the gunfire seems never-ending. ‘the flickering gunnery rumbles’ has a rhythm, and may echo the distant, continuous sound the men can hear. The words 'gunnery’ and ‘rumbles’ is the use of onamonapia the author is

  • 60/60 Rule

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    There are various methods that have been brought out to aid dealing with the prevention of hearing loss among earbud users. Doctors have suggested following what is known as the 60/60 rule when using earbuds. The 60/60 rule is a guideline discussing an easy way to prevent further damage when using earbuds. This rule is a limitation that recommends not using earbuds for more than 60 minutes a day at 60% of the device’s max volume. Susan James and Kathryn Nathanson discuss how this rule allows the

  • How Police Officers Are Affected By Loud Noise From The Gun

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    causes of occupational illnesses in the United States (Leigh 728). Acute or prolonged exposure to high-level, impulsive noise is an ongoing problem for the military and defense forces all over the world (Sliwinska-Kowalska and Adrian Davis 274). One shot from a big caliber firearm, perceived at a close range, may permanently or temporarily damage an individual hearing in an instant. Additionally, repeated exposures to noisy machinery may, over an extensive period of time, impose serious risks to human

  • Otoacoustic Emission Study

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    College Music Majors and Non-Music Majors: Hearing Thresholds and Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emission Results Introduction Studies have shown that noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) can be caused by repeated loud exposures to music (Miller, Stewart, & Lehman 2007; Phillips, Henrich, & Mace 2010). Miller et al. (2007) found that university student musicians are a high risk population for hearing loss. In 2010, Phillips et al. found that of 329 student musicians, 45% had a NIHL. This study

  • Use Of Automatic Mode Of A Dslr ( Digital Single Lens Reflex ) Camera

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    Introduction Imagine yourself standing on one of the seven wonders in the world. Surrounded by the symbolic scenery you wish to seal up the beauty forever, but you’re struggling due to a lack of knowledge of how to function a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera. This user guide will teach you how to use a DSLR camera from the fundamentals, along with in-depth knowledge of the profession functions using the three most important pillars in photography; Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO. Automatic

  • The Effect Of Photography On Forensic Science

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    Photography in forensic science is arguably an important factor to the forensic science world especially when is used in court situations to carry out justice in court. Photography helps to aid investigations & provides the court room & investigators with photos of victims, places and items in detail involved in the crime. The basics of photography is understanding how a camera works, a standard camera has very basic components these are – • A viewfinder • A focusing mechanism • A shutter • An

  • Environmental Effects Of Noise Pollution

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    environment is beset by noise, which is pervasive, intrusive and ubiquitous as well as unhealthy. The effects of noise, a pollutant and its effects on health have been neglected despite being aware of the ability to precisely measure or calculate the exposure from the peak levels2. The effects of noise pollution were first recognized in the occupational settings. In our environment, there are different sources of noise, but they generally depend on the activity performed, location and the time of the

  • Essay about Rocky Shore Investigation

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    Rocky Shore Investigation Null Hypothesis: There is no pattern to the distribution of organisms over a rocky shore. Variables: Factors that affect the distribution of organisms over an area of shoreline are: · The depth of water which may cover an organism at high tide. · How resistant an organism in the littoral zone is to dessication. · How efficiently an organism can conserve water. · The proximity and availability of nutrition.

  • Social Media Child Development

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    I'm sure all have heard the aged African proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child." The upbringing of a youth is a very imperative time. What is learned during the development stages of life is stored in the brain for future experiences, so that they know which decisions to make. Parents, alone, have wisdom that can be shared with their children, but different interactions within a community have a huge effect on the outcome of a child's overall development. In today's society, family bonds