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  • Extinction De-Extinction

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    De-extinction offers the possibility for extinct species to be brought back to life by reproductive cloning. Critics argue that de-extinction will reduce the will of society to protect endangered species, as well as harm the existing ecosystem upon species’ reintroduction. However, supporters argue that many species would be great candidates for de-extinction and will possibly be beneficial to the ecosystem. I will argue that de-extinction should not be pursued. I will argue that reintroduction of

  • The Extinction Of The Bison

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    terrifying to witness, but that scene would most likely not happen in today’s world because the bison were almost driven to extinction during the 19th and 20th century. The Indians needed buffalo for their primary food source, so they would hunt bison. Then, Euro-Americans came along and disrupted the system for the Indians. There is an argument for who is to blame for the near-extinction of the bison. Some believe the blame all falls on the Indians as they over-hunted. Others may feel that the blame

  • The Extinction Of The Dinosaurs Extinction

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    you. Other dinosaurs are running away from the light as you start following them. You look behind you to see the light is quickly catching up to you as suddenly it catches you. You feel immense pain and then you are dead. I believe that the mass extinction of the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago was caused by an asteroid ten kilometers wide striking just off of the coast of the Yucatan peninsula, that caused smoke to block out the sun and for fireballs to shoot across the sky. About 65 million

  • Extinction Of Animal Extinction

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    There have been five well known extinctions on this earth. The one most well known is the mass extinction that ended the dinosaurs. Mass extinction is often described as the elimination of a large number of species in a short period of time. Despite what many think, the elimination of species is almost commonplace at this point. The Earth is currently in the middle of a sixth mass extinction, and it’s been caused by the human race. It’s clear that a great extinction is coming from the evidence of

  • Extinction Of Dinosaurs Extinction

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    The extinction of dinosaurs could have been caused by many different things. One main reason that is thought around the world is that dinosaurs went extinct because an asteroid fell onto earth at speeds that are too fast for the human mind to even imagine. This idea was thought when and asteroid crater was found near mexico. Also to support the facts many scientist found traces of rare metal onto the earth's surface. This metal is not very common here but is really common in outer space. Today we

  • The Sixth Extinction Reflection

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    Summer Reading Reflection I read The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert over this summer. It was a thoughtful book that made me more aware of mother nature as well as the declining environmental health. Basically, the author handled its large, weighty ideas by comparing the current environmental issues with the past five major episodes of mass extinction. Nowadays, the world’s undergoing a sixth mass extinction period, with humans as the driving factor. In short, industrialization and globalization

  • Extinction : A Radical History

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    Extinction: A Radical History is a book published by writer, professor and activist Ashley Dawson. It was published on the 22nd of April 2016. Dawson talks about multiple broad subjects in his book like how Capitalism is the main source of mass extinction. By doing so, he takes into account the lengthy history of the Homo Sapiens species, their activities and their discoveries and how us, humans, have affected today’s biodiversity

  • The Evolution Of Species Extinction

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    and internally, brings incompatibility in the organism to cope with fluctuating climatic conditions, finally making the species as vulnerable and forcing into the process of extinction. The process of species extinction accelerated with rapid human activities and in the current scenario, many species are in the queue of extinction. We are losing our uncounted valuable biodiversity, in a sense, we still don’t have exact idea of how many species are surviving globally, and we are losing them before we

  • Stop Animal Extinction

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    animal extinction.I wanted to research this because I like animals and I want to stop animal extinction. I have been reading and learning about animals for my whole life . when I figured out that animal extinction meant animals are going to not be existing anymore, I knew I had to research about animal extinction. Have you asked yourself? What causes animal extinction? Well, what causes animal extinction is deforestation, greenhouse gases, forest fires, and pollution. “By burning fossil fuels, we

  • Dinosaurs Extinction

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    they are in the process of driving much of it to extinction. If this pattern continues, many animals children have grown up seeing, loving, and dreaming of will be stuffed in museums and observed just as dinosaurs are now. Extinction is the natural path of all species. All species are either being developed, extant, or in the process of becoming extinct. However, there have been 5 times in the earth’s history in which a tremendous amount of extinctions took place in a relatively short period of time