Extraterrestrial hypothesis

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  • Why Is Area 51 Controversial

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    Area 51, one of the United States more controversial sites. The reason for Area 51 being so controversial? People claim that the United States government is hiding away aliens and ufo is in the base. The evidence that the people claim to prove this ‘fact’ is that the base is full of secrets and very few people know what’s going inside. There have also been “ufo” sightings and random lights that are happening in the night. To understand the secrecy and mystery of these base we have to go all the way

  • Are Ufos And Aliens Real?

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    reports all over the world. An unidentified flying object, or UFO, in its most general definition, is any apparent anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable as a known object or phenomenon. UFOs are associated with claims of visitation by extraterrestrial life or government-related conspiracy theories, and have become popular subjects in fiction. During the late 1940s and through the 1950s, UFOs were often referred to popularly as "flying saucers" or "flying discs". The term UFO became more widespread

  • The Existence of UFOs Essay

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    Do UFO's Exist or Not      For half a century the subject of UFO has been discussed by scientists, ecologists, politicians, and common people around the world. It seems paradoxical, but the main question of their discussion concerns existence or non-existence of UFO itself, so many people is not sure that the very subject of their debate really exists. I share the opinion of those who do not believe in UFO saying that this phenomenon has not been scientifically proved, and

  • What Are Aliens A Pseudoscience?

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    errors, and visual illusions. The belief in UFO and aliens visiting earth is a lot more common than most people realize as Rice ( 2003) points out in his study. In a survey of about 1,000 people in the U.S, 35% of people stated they believed extraterrestrials have visited Earth at some point in the past while, 40% did not

  • Are Ufos Prove Of Extraterrestrial Life?

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    Exploring the unknown Essay Are UFOs prove of extraterrestrial life? Introduction One of the most controversial topics is the one on unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Initially, the term UFO was used to define the identifiable anomalies that usually occur in the sky that does not conform to any presently known or familiar objects. People often relate UFOs to alien visitations, the existence of extraterrestrial life and government-related conspiracy theories. The United States Air Force developed

  • Are UFOs Extraterrestrial in Origin? According to well-respected scientists, there are more stars

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    Are UFOs Extraterrestrial in Origin? According to well-respected scientists, there are more stars in our universe than grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth. Those odds make the possibility of extraterrestrial life hard to ignore. UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects, are at the center of this controversial debate. For those who believe UFOs are controlled by extraterrestrial life, it is these same odds that cannot be overlooked. On the other hand, skeptics are hard at work outlining why the

  • Research Paper On Alien Abduction

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    Some many people in the world believe either that aliens exist or not.They have a confusion if the stories that they hear are real and I am here to prove that they are. First of all, aliens are species that are foreigner and they are not a citizen of our country where we are living. There has been many stories about alien abductions, UFO sightings and many more. Many people believe that aliens are real, but other people who don’t people believe in aliens think that they are fake and they don’t

  • Aliens Real Research Paper

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    People may believe or not believe that Aliens are real or not. Now here's the part where will try to change your mind about your theory and prove you wrong . So if you want to know more then read if not then just drop the book and stop reading from here. Alien can be described as if they were human like but from a whole other universe that we don´t know that it might even exist. but There have been articles and stories about abductions, sighting, physical evidence and more. We the people believe

  • Persuasive Speech On Aliens Are Real

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    Have you ever wondered if Aliens are real? Some people don't and some people do. Well, today I'm going to tell you 3 claims that Aliens are real. People say that they have a connection with Aliens. Aliens are real because of all the evidence they had found about them. Some people believe that aliens are fake because they think all the evidence and the stories people tell are fake. My opinion is that Aliens do exist in this world and trying to learn more about us. Here is some evidence that I think

  • What Are The Phoenix Lights

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    The documentary closes by letting the viewers know about recent appearances made by these Phoenix lights. Amber orbs comparable to those initially appearing in 97’ have once again reappeared in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Each new sighting follows the same pathway towards southern Arizona as did the original set of Phoenix lights. Notably, former Arizona Governor Fife Symington III has now recently come forward stating that after witnessing the phenomenon that it was highly likely the cause of an UFO.