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  • Reflection Of A Blue Sky

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    The sky is not really blue,it is a reflection of light. Our eyes perceive it as blue.The sun is the main power source the earth. The sun may appear yellow or white, but it is a mixture of many colors. As the white light appears from the sun, it travels through the earth's atmosphere, and collides with particles from the air(Physics,2015). The reason we may see a blue sky rather than a brown one during the day is because, Blue is a shorter wavelength and is scattered more than a red light which is

  • Essay On Igg4-Related Disease

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    IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD) is a newly recognized, multiorgan, fibro-inflammatory disease characterized by mass forming lesion with dense lymphoplasmacytic infiltration with large numbers of IgG4+ plasma cells, storiform fibrosis and sometimes obliterative phlebitis. IgG4-RD was first described in 2001 by Japanese researchers in patients with autoimmune pancreatitis with high levels of serum IgG.[1, 2] IgG4-RD usually affects individuals of middle to old age, with an onset at 50–70 years, although

  • Insanity Vs Insanity

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    Madness and insanity are always perceived and viewed through the eyes of the sane; we can only differentiate between insanity and sanity by first defining what is considered sane and what isn't. Emily Dickinson’s quote that “Much madness is divinest sense--To a discerning Eye” directly claims that what we might consider to be madness is actually a form of sanity. We for instance all have a “discerning eye” which creates a shrewd view because we all believe that whoever does not behave or act according

  • CHN1 Case Study

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    either be underdeveloped or missing altogether. Jeon-Min Hwang and associates found that the absence of the CHN1 caused the subsequent absence of cranial nerves IV and VI (18). Cranial nerve four, also known as the trochlear nerves, serves to lower the eye as it is adducted by the superior oblique muscles; in

  • Depression In Human Depression

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    personal and social relationship. Depression disorder symptoms are very hard to find out. It is totally different from other disorder symptoms .They have used pattern recognition technique in order to detect the human depression using facial expression, eye movement, head movement ,body movement, heart rate and body temperatures.[1]Person who suffer from depression will behave abnormal in visual and vocal expression when compare to other person. First, they have extracted the features from audio and videos

  • The Importance Of Technology In Education

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    In the past, for thousands of decades technology has not been a part of human’s everyday life. What is technology? According to the journalist, Karehka Ramey, “Technology is a body of knowledge devoted to creating tools, processing actions and extracting of materials”. In the 1980s, people have struggled to figure out ways to improve technology, yet there were no sufficient results. However, in the past few years, technology has improved changing and affecting people’s lives on a daily basis. Technology

  • Cordelia As A Christ-Like Figure In Ian Hunter's King Lear

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    Cordelia as a Christ-like figure is understandable based on the answer she gives her father in response to his question of love. Does she love him as her sisters do? Goneril and Regan give unabashedly extravagant answers that contain nothing more than empty flattery and meaningless words of “love.” However, Cordelia is the only daughter who gives an honest answer to his question. In the play King Lear, Cordelia responds, “Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave/ My heart into my mouth. I love your majesty/

  • Life, Death And Death In Frederic Leighton's 'Flaming June'

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    radiance and surrounded by reds, golds, and yellows like a flame. The woman is in a cocoon created by her limbs, possibly for protection from the poisonous flower that hangs above her. A frame is created by the angle of the woman’s arms, focusing your eye to her face. Despite the looming danger, the woman seems peaceful and content. She may be bigger than the threat, immortal and powerful, or not know about the threat, innocent and naïve. Either way, Leighton captures this moment, immortalizing this

  • Research Paper On Alice Walker

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    Alice Walker Essay In life, people care about their appearances and how they are seen in the eyes of others. Alice Walker cares about how the world portrays her looks and her personality. She is confident in her looks, but at the age of eight, she is involved in an “accident.” This “accident” alteres not only her eyesight but alters the way she sees herself. Because she believes no one finds her pretty anymore, she loses confidence within herself. Alice and I have a lot in common when it comes

  • Speech On Eye Cream

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    Eye creams: The dos and don’ts that you must know Overview Your eyes form a very important part of your body. This is why you should always endeavor to be on top of your eye care routines in order to keep them fully functional. In addition, you should also ensure that the area surrounding them is equally in good shape if not better. This is because even if you have a 20/20 vision, no cataracts and definitely no macular degeneration, the area under your eyes can still paint you as unhealthy, tired