Factitious disorders

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  • Factitious Disorders

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    FACTITIOUS DISORDER Facticious means artificial or unnatural, a definition that could not be more appropriate. People who suffer from factitious disorder (FD) “are great con men or con women, although what they obtain through their conning most people would far rather not have”[1]. The earliest accounts of factitious disorders are recorded in the times of Galen, a Roman physician in the second century A.D. The term ‘factitious’ itself, is derived from a book, published in 1843 by Gavin,

  • Factitious Disorder On Self

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    Factitious Disorder is a interesting and catchy topic to write about. “Factitious is defined as being falsely created or developed. Based on what I already know about the word factitious, this topic deals with a lot of exaggeration and misbeliefs. They may often diagnose themselves with certain disorders. I previously watched a Dr.Phil show where a teen searched for help from her mom because she suffered from this disorder. She was on the verge of losing her mom. Some people have terminal illnesses

  • Munchausen Syndrome : A Rare Mental Disorder And The Most Severe Type Of Factitious Disorder

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    syndrome is a rare mental disorder and the most severe type of factitious disorder. Those afflicted with Munchausen syndrome fabricate or cause injuries and illness in order to seek attention even to the point of undergoing painful, intrusive and unneeded medical and surgical procedures. Psychotherapy is the main treatment option for Munchausen syndrome, however there are no standard therapies or medications for treatment. Medications may be utilized for other mental disorders that the patient may

  • Munchausen's Syndrome: A Psychological Analysis

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    A factitious disorder is a psychological disorder in which people pretend or manifest symptoms to give the appearance of illness or injury. Munchausen’s syndrome is one of the factitious disorders where the person with Munchausen’s make themselves sick or injures themselves intentionally to get attention and sympathy or go to the doctor. They will fabricate symptoms, take substances to make them sick and sometimes do things to themselves to appear something is wrong with them. Munchausen is a disorder

  • Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy Essay

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    and Tilley 2). MSbP is such a difficult disorder to diagnose that, by the time the condition is evident, the victim has usually gone through many painful, unneeded procedures and face irreparable mental and physical damage. Due to the relatively low amount of information available surrounding MSbP, treatment and understanding for the sufferer is genuinely very limited. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, technically called Factitious Disorder by Proxy, is a disorder characterized by a care-giver, usually

  • Analysis Of Mommy Dead And Dearest

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    Mommy Dead & Dearest Imagine your own family member constantly manipulating you into thinking you were going to be forever young. Now imagine that person telling every individual that you cannot care for yourself nor will ever get better. To be completely honest, that is a scary thought, not having any control over your own body and believing your caretaker that you are mentally incapacitate to care for yourself. The documentary I chose to watch and write about is Mommy Dead & Dearest, this documentary

  • Dissociative Disorder

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    Syndromes Let us start by defining somatic symptom disorder, malingering, factitious disorder, and dissociative disorders according to the DSM–5. A somatic symptom disorder is a disorder in which persons become excessively distressed, concerned, and anxious, about bodily symptoms they are experiencing. Malingering is intentionally faking to achieve some external gains, such as financial compensation or military deferment. Factitious disorder is a disorder in which an individual feigns or induces physical

  • Essay Taking a Closer Look at Münchausen Syndrome

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    Münchausen syndrome is a psychiatric disorder that is distinguished by the patient causing or faking physical or psychological ailments for the sole purpose of being admitted to the hospital. A psychiatric consult nurse sees about one or two Münchausen cases a month (Interview with John Hauber, RN). Out of the entire United States population, only half to two percent of people have the disorder (medicinenet.com), but the number is probably higher than that because the statistic shown only represents

  • Definition Of Labeling Theory And Strain Theory

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    Beverley’s actions and why she acted in this manner can be explained from the psychiatric, sociological and psychological perspective. Psychiatry viewpoints explore the motivation behind an individual’s criminal behaviour. Factitious disorder and multiple personality disorder can explain the reasons behind Beverly’s choice to kill four children under her care, and the reasons behind these horrendous acts. The sociological perceptive looks at factors including level of education, a persons social

  • The Case Of Leslie Wilfred

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    the couple asked the community for donations to pay for medical bills. Leslie then brought up her other child who was supposedly raped by a former co-worker when she was 11-years-old. Leslie stated how her children suffered from psychological disorders, yet the children were so well