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  • Examples Of Fake News In Fahrenheit 451

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    want to produce, rather than what the people want to hear. This is relevant to the society of Fahrenheit 451 because the Constant 2 elites of Fahrenheit control what the people see and what they can have. The authorities of their society limited what the people were allowed to do, did not allow literature and books, and controlled how they could react with one another. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, the authorities prevent the people from doing almost anything. Most of the time the people

  • The Importance Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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    depending on your usage. But if you make use of all the benefits of technology, not just use it to escape boredom or as a distraction, you can find how much science inspires humanity and empowers brains to make a society better as a whole. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, the author displays a slippery slope and overuse of technology, but instead, if the people used temperance, the technology could have succored them and allowed them to use their intuition and intellect to turn technology into an item used to

  • The Effect Of Osmosis On The Rate Of Osmosis

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    The reasoning behind this experiment is the examine whether the rate of osmosis is changed due to a change in temperature. It was hypothesized that the rate of osmosis will increase as the temperature of the sucrose is increased. The rate of osmosis was tested by using the different jars full of different temperate water and testing how high the water rose on an osmometer over a span of 20 minutes. An osmometer is a tool used to measure rates of osmosis. The different temperatures tested on a

  • Does Body Size Affect Endotherms Metabolic Rates?

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    We have noticed in other experiments that smaller animals have a higher surface-to-volume (SA/V) ratios than larger animals with a lower SA/V. After reviewing through articles, we hypothesized that endotherms with small bodies will have a higher metabolic rate than endotherms with large bodies. We tested this by making 6 clay cubes (different sizes) and placed them in ice for 10 minutes and measured them in 2-minute intervals. Our results supported our hypothesis because the larger clay with the

  • Cardiac Arrest : A Huge Problem For The American Public

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    Cardiac arrest is a huge problem for the American public. According to the American heart association cardiac arrest kills around 200,000 to 300,000 people each year. There are numerous studies on ways to increase the survival rates and overall outcomes of these patients. Therapeutic hypothermia is one of the new and upcoming studies for post cardiac arrest care. It is used in various EMS agencies worldwide. It has shown significant improvements in patient’s outcome and reduced neurological deficits

  • Energy Content Of A Food Sample

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    Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to measure the energy content of a food sample and to determine the efficiency of a calorimeter. Materials: 1. 100 ml distilled water 2. A test tube 3. 1 almond 4. Calorimeter 5. A paperclip 6. A small aluminum foil dish 7. A scale 8. A graduated cylinder 9. A flask 10. Tongs 11. Safety glasses. 12. Lighter Method: The first step was to push a single almond onto the end of a partially straightened paperclip. And then we set the scale

  • How Safe Bottled And Tap Water

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    The objective of this experiment is to see how safe bottled and tap water is to drink based on what is in the water; specifically the contaminants and the pH balance of the water. As well as if the temperature of the environment that the water is placed in affects the pH balance of the water along with if bacteria is grown due to the condition it is in. Water is one of the most important things in life, being as it is known as the universal solvent, and humans and many other animals need it to survive

  • Investigating The Greenhouse Effect On The Environment

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    Purpose: To investigate the greenhouse effect. Hypothesis: If the enclosed area heats up and doesn 't allow air to escape, then the temperature inside the greenhouse should be somewhat higher than the temperature outside the greenhouse. Prediction: I predict that the temperature inside the greenhouse will rise from the heat of the suns rays. Materials: 2 thermometers 3 microscopic slides sticky tape 2 triangular pieces of cardboard 1 block of wood time-keeping device

  • Chemical Testing And Its Effect On The Growth Of An Agar Slant And Broth

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    Discussion The gram stain result showed that my unknown was a pink long individual rods this means that it is a gram negative bacilli. The growth on the agar of unknown appear off-white with straight growth and the broth growth was uniform fine turbidity. Uniform fine turbidity means there is cloudy growth throughout the test tube. As time progressed the broth appeared clear with some sediment. This could suggest that the bacterium is a slow grower or that the cells are older and dying. This can

  • Investigating The Co2 And Temperature Changes From The Outside Environment

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    In this investigation, we were required to design our own self-sustaining ecosystem, and monitor the changes in temperature and CO2 levels. We compared the outside temperature and CO2 levels, to those of our ecosystem. Self-sustaining ecosystems are in the process of being designed tested, so that one day humans will be able to survive and thrive on other planets, like Mars. The outcome of our ecosystem was a failure, like all other previous attempts. Our ecosystem was too hot and had too higher