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  • Fairy Tail Alternate Ending

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    "Police Girl" were making their way towards Fairy Tail to join their ranks. They worked for the Hellsing Organization and they fought against the supernatural. Once the dust had settled and they had figured out what had occurred, the higher ups at Hellsing realized that a powerful being was moving in the shadows and making ready to strike at this world. Only by allying themselves with a strong ally could Hellsing hope to combat this menace. That is what Fairy Tail would be. "So, Police Girl...are you

  • Fairy Tail Research Paper

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    remain in fairy tail? Lucy had to make this exact choice in the world of fairy tail. Lucy is a celestial wizard who has always dreamt of joining fairy tail, a legendary guild. Her dream became a reality when she meets a powerful dragonslayer named Natsu Ignaul. Through his connections, she quickly became a member of Fairy Tail. Lucy has had many adventures seen then. Now she has come to the choice of to remain in Fairy Tail or to leave. It is common knowledge that Lucy y in Fairy Tale, but

  • Fairy Tail Monologue

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    near him. He walks closer. “I can, and I will. In order for me to be sure you won’t betray me, I need to see you kill your ‘family’. I want to see Fairy Tail burn to the ground”. His voice is so forceful, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him like this; it’s truly horrifying. “I refuse to help you. I’m not your slave willing to do your dirty work. Fairy Tail won’t burn, because they’d never lose to someone like you. Even if I did burn them down the would rise out of the ashes. That’s what they do, I guess

  • Fairy Tail Death

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    'Fairy Tail' Chapter 499, Spoilers: Tragic death for Juvia, Fierce battle betwen Gray and Invel Chapter 499 of “Fairy Tail” does not bode well for Juvia and Gray. The two will have a hard time facing Invel and looks like she will have to sacrifice her life in order to protect Gray. Juvia will rather die than hurt Gray, reports Mobile & Apps. However, Gray might not stay safe as he will try to stop her plan and while doing so, discharges an Ice Blade attack that harms him as well as Juvia. This

  • Fairy Tail Chapter 506

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    Fairy Tail Chapter 505 opened with a continuous altercation between Natsu and Gray. While they fought, they neither realized the need to combat against Eileen to prevent Makarov’s plan to sacrifice himself to build the Guild they wished. In the recent chapter of Fairy Tail, Gray remained insistent forcing Natsu to reveal his real identity, whether he is the E.N.D. or not. The latter kept on denying his claims about directly linked to his brother Zeref Dragneel’s Etherious. However, the Ice-Maker

  • The Story Of The Movie ' Lucy '

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    magic become stronger.” said Happy. “ YOU CAN TALK?!” yelled Lucy. “ Yeah. I’m Happy and I like fish,” said Happy. Back at the fight, Natsu was kicking Bora’s butt. He took off his little jacket he was wearing and revealed a Fairy Tail symbol on his shoulder. “ He’s part of Fairy Tail!! Let’s get out of here.” said Bora’s henchmen as the run off, carrying Bora. Although before they had a chance to run off, Natsu used his finishing move to finish both Bora and his henchmen. To finish them off, Natsu used

  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    incase one of them or all of them came across me.” said Salamander. “ Oh…” said Lucy and Gray. “ So, let’s get back to Fairy Tail.” suggested Salamander. “ Can i come?” asked Gray. “ Of course. You are a wizard, too. Also, you’re my friend.” Salamander said as he walked away. Gray jumped up from the ground and ran after Salamander and Lucy, excitedly. When they got to Fairy Tail, Salamander did not have his jacket on because he wasn’t afraid of showing himself anymore. “ IS THAT SALAMANDER?!” yelled

  • Persuasive Essay

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    Terry awoke to the loud pounding on the broken door of his cave. He swam outside to find nothing but the darkness of the sea at night. He slowly floated back into the safety of his small, frugal cave. The next morning, Terry swam outside only to find the large, green, daunting eel staring directly at Terry. The eel’s name was Hector. Terry had seen him before, swimming around the reef. Flashing his razor sharp teeth at anyone who came near him. Hector had confronted Terry and stated, “I am the

  • Red Tails: a Film Critique

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    Red Tails: A Film Critique Robert Black ENG 225 Introduction to Film Instructor: Dwight Paulsen October 14, 2012 “We have a right to fight for our country. The same as every other American.” Colonel A.J. Bullard (Imdb , 2012) The film I picked for my critique is Red Tails, a historical World War II drama. The movie starred Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard and Gerald Mcraney, was written by John

  • How Has The Shocking Anti Fashion?

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    How has the shocking anti fashion bumsters by Alexander McQueen become a mainstream trend ? Introduction ‘We want to look like our friends but not to be clones’ (Wilson 1992a:34) Firstly I will talk about fashion and anti fashion, I will talk about where anti-fashion first began and how it is still relevant to present day. I will refer to the book ‘Fashion &Anti-fashion Exploring adornment and dress from an anthropological perspective’ adding quotes by the writer Ted Polhemus to prove my argument