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  • Counterfeiting : A Controversial Issue For The Country 's Apparel Industry

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    S. customs have had a hard time spotting the fakes. Counterfeiting is a multi billion-dollar industry which thrives on the illegal production, selling, and buying of counterfeit goods. The profits “often support terrorist groups, drug smugglers, sex traffickers and street gangs” (Law, 2015). Since counterfeit goods are illegal, France imposes strict fines and even jail time for those who buy the goods. “France increased the maximum fine for buying fakes to three times the retail price of the authentic

  • Why Do People Buy Counterfeit Products?

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    Why  do  people  buy  counterfeit  products?   1     Running head: Why do people buy counterfeit products? Why people by counterfeit products? Monica Rodriguez American Intercontinental University Dr. Yamil Guevara Why  do  people  buy  counterfeit  products?   2     ABSTRACT The elaboration and commercialization of counterfeit products is an issue that has been growing prominently within the last 20 years. There is no place in the world

  • The Best Death Ever

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    Ever – Niall Griffiths By Christian Steenfeldt, 3.U Children cannot differentiate between what is fun and what is serious. In the short story “The Best Death Ever” by Niall Griffiths four boys are playing a game where they have to fake a death. The boy whoever fakes the best death wins the game. The four boys do not understand what they are doing and see the game, The Best Death Ever, as a fun game. Until one moment, when one of the boys misjudges the distance to ground and almost hang himself meanwhile

  • Crime of Fashion: Counterfeiting Goods in the Fashion Industry

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    seems that it’s only natural for humans to imitate what they see works in society. Though there are beneficial facets for imitating, there are also damaging consequences. Counterfeit is a strong word that describes companies that forge bills or create fake fashion goods, electronic items, and even pharmaceuticals. For the purpose of this research, the focus will be on the different aspects of counterfeiting goods in the fashion industry. Though fashion has continuously changed, been reinvented and some

  • Related Literature On Counterfeiting

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    Chapter 2-Literature Review 2.1 Literature Review Counterfeiting refers to illegally production of substandard or fake products using the trade mark of brands without their permission. Counterfeiting is criminal offence and according to business law counterfeiters can be keep under prison at least on decade and additional fines can be charge. Counterfeiting is increasing rapidly due many reasons and some of them are lack of law enforcement economy conditions etc and counterfeiting is prevailing

  • Difference Between Fake And Fake Friends

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    A difference between a true friend and a fake friend Friendship. We all see it in movies, we read about it in books, and social media doesn't stop posting pictures about it. Since I was little, I hoped to grow up having a best friend. I've met people who promised to never leave me and that they would protect my back. However, it did not take them that long for them to destroy my happiness. Nevertheless, through the pain and confusion, there were people who came, bandaged my trust issues with their

  • Greenwashing in Media Essay

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    Research ProjectGreenwashing in Media In this day and age companies have mastered the technique of misleading customers by fabricating false claims about a green product or service that they swear to provide. This insincere display of information is called ‘Greenwashing’, a spin-off of ‘Whitewashing’. Greenwashing could be said to be a global phenomenon and it’s commonly seen in advertisements, on products packing, websites, emails, speeches, and videos (just to name a few). Greenwashing is a thought

  • The Aspect Of Faux Furs In The Fashion Industry

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    The Aspect of Faux Furs in the Fashion Industry Faux (f-oh) – Made in imitation; Fake Faux furs in the fashion industry is the only moral substitute against real furs. Furs in the fashion industry, is it moral? This has been an alarming question for quite some time. In response, the creation of Faux furs has taken the industry by storm. For years, the bearing of fur in fashion was associated with wealth, luxury, and glamour. With this perception of status, comes the perception of faux furs. Associated

  • Fake On Fake Street Research Paper

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    Fake Girl Looking Fake on Fake street. She's tryin to blend into the crowd  so her mother can say she's so proud. her mother wants her to be normal but all she really wants to be is abnormal She Loves that hard dark rock,  her mom disapproves and says she isn't proud of that Hard Metal Rock as she looks at her daughter feeling Shocked. She needs to listen to the music everyone enjoys, can't be that outcast am i right ? That sweet girl copes with her family problems through that hard metal rock

  • Animal Cruelty: The Bloody War Essay

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    body’s, letting the blood spill over the floor; a murder for fur (Ernst). While fur is a very elegant piece of clothing or an accessory, that many of the rich and famous wear, it isn’t humane. There is an alternative to real fur, faux fur. Faux fur (fake fur) is synthetic material used to resemble fur, it’s also less expensive and you’re able to save an animal. But, the only down side to faux fur is the fact it won’t last as long as a real fur