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  • A Family Vacation

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    A Family Vacation Robbie always dreaded family vacations not because he didn’t like spending time with his family but rather the chaos of it all. His older sister Tina barely talks to him because she is too focused on her new boyfriend Brad. His parents Dave and Betty spend most of their time worrying about their jobs. One morning at 8am, Robbie’s mom walks in his room completely ignoring that fact that Robbie didn’t go to bed until 5am, turns on the lights excitedly saying “Guess what Robbie tickets

  • My Family Vacation

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    Family Vacation As I was riding in the car on the way back to the airport, I couldn’t believe THAT was how my summer vacation ended. Just one week before that my family and my cousin’s family were on our way to Minneapolis, because that was where we were flying out of. The rest of my family was all driving. We were going on our first vacation as a big family. There was about 28 of us going to Orange Beach, Alabama. The summer before that my mom and aunts were trying to find a place for all of us

  • My Family Vacation

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    year of 2017 started off terrible, nothing was going right. A few months later something amazing happened, but only with help from God. My family found out we won a trip to Hawaii. My parents had to decide whether or not they should take us kids with. My parents talked it through, and they decided that it would be our last family vacation with just our family saying Chris is a senior and is headed off to college the next year and probably will find a girlfriend. Us kids were happy to go after everything

  • Essay On Family Vacation

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    You always think that family vacations together with your family will be all fun and stress free. Maybe this really happens for some families, but for my family, that is an illusion. My husband and I have three children and maybe it’s because two of them are so young or maybe it is because I always pick Disney World vacations, but it is also busy and often stressful. I book our vacation around 200 days before we are booked at our resort. Disney offers booking any fast passes for rides, dining

  • My Family Vacation

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    My Family Vacation Everyone who plans a trip to Sea World believes it's going to be the vacation of a lifetime; however, for our family, it was the vacation from hell. My dad is one of those people who if he didn't have bad luck he wouldn't have any at all. Our vacation started out great that Saturday morning. My brothers and I helped Dad load the luggage into the car. We were all excited about our trip; this was going to be our first trip to Sea World. The trip included my mom, dad, two

  • My Family Vacation

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    Branson, Missouri. A family vacation with my cousins. It was a great time, boating, tubing, swimming, enjoying time outside. We had two cottages and a boat, I was going into 3rd grade and loved it. I looked up to my older cousin’s, and boating on beautiful Table Rock Lake was a blast. At night my brother and I would hang out with my older cousins watching TV and eating candy and messing around. However, one night when my parents told me they had to go at night and that my brother and I would be staying

  • My Family Vacation

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    along the way.” by Unknown. 2017 started off terrible but then soon got better from a little help from God. My family found out we won a trip to Hawaii. My parents were deciding whether or not they should take us kids with, my brothers Chris was 18, Matt was 11, Nic was 8, and I was 15. Then my parents talked and the decided that it would be our last family vacation with just our family saying chris went to college the next year and probably will find a girlfriend. Hawaii I know made me look at

  • My Family Vacation

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    At the beginning of summer my parents already started planning vacations for our family. My dad especially worked on planning our trips in detail. We planned for weddings, visits with family and our friends, and one trip my dad was especially excited for, the eclipse trip. He asked me and my brothers if we would be willing to go with him because my dad loves spending time with us. I have two brothers having me being the middle child. My younger brother wanted to go but me and my older brother told

  • Essay On Family Vacations

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    interest is a lot of fun. Kevin and Tina have different beliefs and interests so when the family goes on family vacations or goes to do activities it’s a lot of fun because it’s something that the kids wouldn’t normally do. Normally Kevin and Tina will agree with one another but they are different in what they believe in to be important. Having two amazing parents with different personalities make the family a whole lot more interesting with how they act, react to things, what they like and what they’re

  • Family Vacation Essay

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    My family cherishes vacation time together. So, one fall break, during my fourth grade year at school, we decided we would take a family trip to Gatlinburg. I had never been there before, and I was really excited. My grandparents, my mom, my twin sisters, and I were to are all pack a bag and have everything we would need for a week on the mountains. Later on that month, we all met at my grandparents house. We packed the van so full that we were not sure we would all fit in. Nonetheless, we all