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  • The Soap Opera, House Of Anubis

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    When I was in the third grade I was extremely obsessed with the Nickelodeon soap opera, House of Anubis. If you’ve never heard of it before, it was centered around an American teengaer in a British boarding school where the faculty was involved in some strange cult obsessed with Egyptian mythology and “The Chosen One.” On top of that there was four love triangles, child kidnapping, carrot eating competitions, masquerade balls, a disturbing amount of taxidermy, and a crapload of other random things

  • Arguments Against Fanfiction

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    There are three types of major copyright issues that can arise on writing platforms, like, that base their work off of others. The first arises when the original author feels the fanfic alters the nature of the original piece. For example, J.K. Rowling does not oppose innocent, truly fan-written Harry Potter fanfics; however, she has taken legal action against those whose stories that try to sexualize her work (2). Another reason an author may object to fanfiction based on copyright

  • Literacy Debate : Online, R U Really Reading?

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    In response to Mitoko Rich, “Literacy Debate – Online, R U Really Reading?” In the 21st century, children are learning via many different sources, whether through textbooks, internet, blogs, etc. Therefore, it was not surprising to read what was mentioned in this article. Reading in the digital age is causing a debate, especially in regards to students. After reading the article, I began to wonder; is it possible that digital text can cause more harm than good? Can digital text take away the value

  • The History of Fandoms

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    To provide a picture of so-called passive or casual fans, I illustrated a fan huddled in her comforters while browsing fanworks. There are floating screenshots of the Tumblr, Archive of Our Own, and Fanfiction.Net homepages in the background, since these websites are three of the most visited fanwork archives. In relation to the second rule, the third rule on the seventh page says, “You don’t have to be like everybody else.” I started the passage with the statement, “Being in a group is not the same

  • The History of Fandoms

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    that there are millions of established fandoms today, especially since we are living in a world where the Information Explosion has already taken place. The Fanfiction Statistics Website indicates that there are 6,600,000 registered titles in Fanfiction.Net, which is an archive for written fanworks appropriately called fanfiction (1). In addition, Cassiopeia TVXQ Quotes states that CASSIOPEIA, a Korean and

  • Cassandra Clare Research Paper

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    Who is Cassandra Clare? Have you ever wondered who is Cassandra Clare? Cassandra Clare is an author of a bunch of teenager books like the Mortal Instruments series. She wants her readers to have a wonderful reading experience. Over the years of Mrs. Clare’s life, she changed from a shy girl who always read to an amazing writer. First question is, who is Cassandra Clare? Cassandra Clare is not her actual name. Her real name is Judith Rumelt. She was born in Tehran on July 27, 1973 (Harmon 9). When

  • Mythology In Fan Mythology

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    The definition of the term Myth is that it is defined by its content, context, and/or its function. Most often when we think or hear the world myth we think of ancient Greek and Roman stories that tell us tales of gods, heroes, and monsters; in the modern world it is also used to butter up advertisements, and of course in fan fiction. When you look at the concept of myth it has been important to the practice and analysis of fan work, including fan fiction, on three levels: content, form, and theory

  • Personal Narrative: How I Became A Game Developer

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    that didn't stop me, I typed my first story and posted it in to the internet! I was even given a large amount of positive feedback for the story I typed, and it felt awesome. But it didn't stop there, I wanted to communicate with the people on to keep writing

  • Relationship Between Convergence And Harry Potter

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    Convergence has become somewhat vital to the success of a screen text; the number of mediums it engages with can, to some extent, affect how much of a fan-base it creates. ‘The power of the media producer and the power of the media consumer interact in unpredictable ways’ stated by Henry Jenkins. (2006:2) Participatory culture has, in some cases, created the potential for more enriched franchises that surpass their original purpose, some screen texts can develop a lot further than expected due to

  • Business Assignment : Advertising Industry

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    Media Institutions Assignment Essay Advertising Industry This essay aims to demonstrate the ways in which the advertising industry has helped to shape production. In this essay I will be using “Product placement is the inclusion of a branded product in media, usually without explicit reference to the product. Most commonly, branded products are featured in movies, television shows and video games.” (, 2013). Product placement is not an uncommon thing nowadays since Ofcom made it