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  • Fantasia Movie Comparison

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    music. No story line, no characters, nothing… just random images, colors, shapes flowing on the screen to music made to evoke imagination. Fantasia

  • Musical Analysis Of Fantasia

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    is the animated musical sequel to its originator in 1940, Fantasia. It was released in December of 1999 and was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and Walt Disney Pictures. Walt Disney’s brother, Roy E. Disney was the helm of producing it and so was Donald W. Ernst, who co-produced it. The movie includes many celebrities that introduced the live action parts with the classical music counterpart. It took many, many years to get the approval to make the sequel and it did really well in the box

  • The Musical Segments Of The Film ' Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs ' Pinocchio, And Dumbo

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    many animated movies that were very popular during the 1940’s and 50’s. Some are still watched and have been recreated in today’s times: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, and Dumbo. Although not the first animated movie to be created, Fantasia (1940) was the first movie to connect classical music with animations. Directed by James Algar and released in 1940, this movie was the first of its kind, using classical music and creating scenes with animations around that music or vice versa

  • Fantasia Analysis

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    Fantasia, a Walt Disney film from the year 1940 is a strong example of hermeneutic composability because the orchestrated music was written with a story in mind. To accentuate this, an animation was paired with the music to illustrate the idea the composer had in mind. The conductor of the orchestra says, “What you are going to see are the designs and pictures and stories that music inspired in the minds and imaginations of a group of artists” (Fantasia). He specifies later that, “these [animations]

  • Disney 's The Pastoral Symphony

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    Disney 's Fantasia (1940) lies in a class separate from all other animations of program music. While its initial reception was less than stellar, it has since become a standard film in home collections. Theatrical performances, games, and many other derivatives of the brand now exist. Despite this, it has also generated a fair amount of controversy. For example, it contains scenes that allude to Darwin’s theory of evolution, and others that display negative racial stereotypes. Yet the most controversial

  • Difference Between Animation And Animation

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    EUROPE WESTERN ANIMATION AND EUROPE EASTERN ANIMATION Animation is the specialty of making images seem to move. Animation is a masterful motivation that long originates before the motion pictures. Animation is the procedure of making a development, deception and movement by quick of presentation the scene or grouping of static picture negligibly vary from each other. Activity can be recorded with other media, for example, flip book, movie film, video tape and advanced media. The hypothesis of the

  • How Has Walt Disney Made Used In Disney Films?

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    Many people have experienced Disney in one shape or another in their lifetime. Whether it was the movies or Disneyland, it did not fail to reach the hearts of its audience. While Disney’s target audience was young children, it also captivated the hearts of its older viewers. Countless individuals, however, do not realize all the technology and effort involved in making a mere ten minute short film, let alone a full length movie. Furthermore, they also do not know how far the technology for Disney

  • Walt Disney's Free Enterprise System

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    Economy and Entrepreneurship The free enterprise system is a part of our everyday lives. Without it we would not have different brands and/or companies. We would not be able to choose where to buy (consumer) and sell (producer) items. The free enterprise system is an economic system in which everyone is allow to participate in the activities of their choice. Walt Disney started out working for a company drawing cartoon duck, but things did not work out and he went onto bigger and better opportunities

  • Why Is Walt Disney Great Depression

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    Every child or adult can tell stories about their childhood cartoons. Looney toons to spongebob everyone had their show. That stickiness of those shows with the opening songs that are so catchy that we can not seem to get out of our heads never leaves us over the years. One creator, Walt disney knew the perfect tip to get the disney studio out of bankruptcy. A risky move and the first of its kind is snowhite. That was Walt disney's tipping point and because of the man he was it took off. Many factors

  • Disney : A Dreaming Nonconformist

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    Disney: A Dreaming Nonconformist Society has a rule book, it lists how we should act and think and be. Some people decide to disregard the rule book and write their own. These people are daring, different, and sometimes even seen as impractical but often they leave a lasting impact on our lives. I know of many people who fit this description, but none more influential on our lives today than Walt Disney. Walt Disney was a producer of motion-pictures and television shows. He was a showman and is