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  • How Far Do The Benefits Of Ex-Offenders

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    Each individual in this universe has committed an error at some point. Individuals need to forgive and never look back. Individuals do things not realizing that they are pernicious and belittling. And in stern time, everybody deserves another opportunity in life. In generally these renewed opportunities are not given. Another opportunity resembles a present for individuals who commit errors. It permits them to gain from their first oversight and make a superior showing with regard to the second

  • How Far Do Zinc Acetate Dehydrate

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    AZO thin films are prepared by the sol-gel route. As a starting material, zinc acetate dehydrate (Zn(CH3COO)2, 2H2O) (sigma Aldrich) is dissolved in a mixture of pure ethanol and monoethanolamine (MEA, C2H7NO) to yield a precursor concentration of 0.75 M. Aluminum nitrate nonahydrate (Al(NO3)3, 9H2O) (sigma Aldrich) was added to provide a solution with an atom ratio Al/Zn of 3%. This resulting mixture was stirred for 1 h at 50°C. The MEA to zinc acetate molar ratio was set to 1.0. Prior to sample

  • Do Sports Fans Go Too Far Research

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    Do Sports Fans go too far - Arg Prompt - 2021 - Stephen ArumBillow People getting arrested, drunk, and in fights for a game? People all across the world attend sports of all kinds. Fans can not always be the nicest or like the other team but that shouldn't stop you from being a fan or going to a game. Infact it’s good to be a fan of a certain team, studies showed that if you have strong liking of a particular team it can actually make you a healthier, happier, and more social person. So if you don’t

  • The Ethics of Advertising: Do Advertisers Go Too Far?

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    The Ethics of Advertising: Do advertisers go too far? Introduction: Advertising is any paid form of non-personal communication about an organization, good, service or idea by an identified sponsor (Berkowitz, Crane, Kerin, Hartley, & Rudelius, 494). Advertisements are displayed through various means to a large audience. They can be found on the Internet, in a magazine, or even on the highway. Advertisements are everywhere! Their main goal is to grab the consumer's attention about a specific

  • Why Do Olympic Games Go Too Far?

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    I tried to write about a topic that was too broad in a previous English class. I wanted to write about a topic that I was interested in, so I tried to write about the Olympic games. Unfortunately, the Olympic games are comprised of two sets of games: the ancient games and the modern games. I tried to write about both, and it was a total disaster since the games cover multiple centuries. It was way too much information for an English paper of a maximum of five pages. I think it’s important

  • Quebec 's Far Right Steps Out Of The Shadows

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    Québec’s far right steps out of the shadows: How neo-nationalist and alt-right groups in the province benefit from a global momentum Populist movements are on the rise across the Western world. Donald Trump 's victory in the U.S., the Brexit vote in the U.K. and the surge of far-right parties in many European countries all stand testimony to this. Emboldened by this momentum, Québec 's far-right groups are growing their ranks. And while they may be less established, they, too, want to make themselves

  • Personal Narrative: Son Or Daughter

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    Son or Daughter, It’s February 1st, 2016 and the weather outside seems like it’s already summer with a nice 70 degrees and slight wind, although tomorrow we are supposed to get some snow. That’s pretty normal for Oklahoma weather. The world is pretty different than it was when I was a kid, now everybody seems to have cell phones and smartphones. Seems like nobody can go anywhere without their phones now, it’s an essential thing for everyday life. I had a flip phone when I was in 7th grade for emergencies

  • The Importance Of Hate Speech

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    Revolutions have been fought and won thanks to enraged people who have gathered together to contest injustice. To illustrate, when the debate over Jim Crow laws ruled the south, college students (black and white) resorted to civil disobedience by sitting in dinners reserved for “whites only” and held protests on college campuses. Such demonstrations served in solidarity for the cause of civil rights amount the races. Historically, students have been at the forefront of fighting injustices in the

  • Scourging Of The Four Martyrs Summary

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    being depicted in a more positive light. A brief discussion of the subject matter of the painting serves as an important starting point. The most obvious subjects, as suggested by the title of the piece, are the four crowned martyrs. Located on the far right side of the painting to the viewer are the four crowned martyrs being pursued by the men in front of them (to our

  • A Report On The Car

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    Set-up On 11/08/2016 I made a northbound turn from the far right westbound lane on Holt Blvd. I drive a 1992 faded red colored Ford Mustang. It was mid-dusk at 4:30pm as this was before the time change and nights came earlier. I was in the right turn lane 4th in a queue behind a four door Pontiac which was behind a white U-Haul type moving truck that was obstructing the view of the first vehicle. The moving truck was the type with the high cargo hold that averages 12 feet from concrete to top of