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  • The Characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad Essay

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    The Characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad In this essay I am going to analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad. I will also explore the different presentational devices used by the film creators of Shrek to craft an unusual fairytale. This film cost $6 million to produce. It is based on a traditional fairytale type story but subverted. The film was produced by Dreamworks - Steven Spielberg's production company. Dreamworks make animated films. It has a rival

  • Creative Devices in Shrek - Comparing Lord Farquaad and Shrek

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    The film entitled “Shrek” is not like traditional fairy tales. In fact, it is the complete opposite of traditional writing methods. Unlike some traditional fairy tales like Cinderella, were the handsome prince finds his fair maiden and they live supposedly happily ever after, the writers and creators of the movie Shrek, have used not a pretty princess or a pompous prince as the main character, but instead... an Ogre. This is the complete reverse as surely a hero cannot be a man eating, ugly, putrid

  • Essay on Shrek's Message

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    Shrek's Message In 'Shrek' the roles of traditional fairy tale characters are switched. Shrek is the hero while Lord Farquaad is the evil character. Unlike traditional fairy tales like 'Jack and the Beanstalk' where the Giant is evil Jack is good. Different presentational devices are used to alter the view of the traditional fairy tale. The beginning of Shrek starts off with the traditional opening 'Once upon a time...' and is then cut off when Shrek says 'What a load

  • The Film Shrek: Hero Or Villain?

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    all sort of fairytale characters sent by the scheming Lord Farquaad, who is the story villain. Shrek sets out to get the privacy of his swamp back from the invasion by Lord Farquaad, but a deal is made to rescue a princess (Fiona) how is locked in a tower from a fire breathing dragon. Many brave knight had tried and failed the rescue. Shrek saves her while being accompany by a donkey. On their way back to close the deal with Lord Farquaad, he begins to fall in love with Fiona but he does not realize

  • What Are Mismatched Friendships In Of Mice And Men

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    re are many similarities between the film Shrek and the novela Of Mice and Men. Three categories that I have examples for are, mismatched friendships, antagonists, and the role of women. The first category is mismatched friendships. In Shrek, Donkey tags around with Shrek like Lennie tags around with George in Of Mice and Men. Also they both have their bad moments in each story. In Shrek, Donkey and Shrek are fighting and arguing all the time, but they still have good, friendly moments, such as

  • Essay on Shrek: The Kindness of the Ogre Revealed

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    Shrek: The Kindness of the Ogre Revealed Lord farquaad and Shrek use the correlation between them to distort the traditional fairy tale. Shrek barges in just before the happily ever after and changes the story for the better? To explain how filmmakers use presentational devices to change the traditional fairy tale to something more exciting and adventurous, I am going to analyze the characters of Shrek and lord farquaad. A traditional fairy tale that contains an ogre

  • How the Makers of Shrek Subvert the Usual Conventions of a Fairytale Using Presentational Devices

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    How the Makers of Shrek Subvert the Usual Conventions of a Fairytale Using Presentational Devices In this essay I am going to discuss how the makers of Shrek overturned the expected characteristics of a fairytale. They do this by using presentational devices such as lighting, music, camera angles and visual effect. In my opinion if the film did not use these presentational devices the way they did, it would not be as successful and people would see it in a totally different

  • Stereotypes In Shrek

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    life alone and isolated in house in a swamp until various fairytale creatures invade his home. The fairytale creatures have moved themselves into Shrek’s swamp because of Lord Farquaad’s law. In order to give Shrek and himself what he wants, Lord Farquaad gives Shrek a deal to get Princess Fiona for him in exchange for the fairytale to leave. Along with a companion named “Donkey,” he travels across the land

  • Essay Review of Shrek

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    on to the talking donkey and he says 'I can fly.' The gurads who have been ordered to capture the fairytale creatureson behalf of Lord Farquaad, persue him in order to try and capture him. As Donkey continues to run through the forest he bumps into Shrek. The gurads catch up and the Commander reads a telegram written by Lords Farquaad demanding that both Donkey and Shrek give themselves up to be captured. The reaminaing members of the army apart from the commander are

  • The Message in Shrek Essay

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    it over a pint" but later decides to pummel them. From this the audience can tell that Shrek is in favour of peace but doesn't mind the odd brawl with the baddies. Later Shrek meets and rescues Princess Fiona as ordered by lord Farquaad. When they first meet Fiona is expecting a kiss as she lays ready (this is in reference to sleeping beauty) for a kiss but Shrek shakes her awake this suggests Shrek is not the traditional type as the film isn't either. When Fiona queries