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  • Harper's Bazar As A Fashion Illustration Essay

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    My chosen illustration for this image analysis is a fashion illustration from the 20th century called La Cage Improvisée. It was used as the cover for the July 1922 magazine publication of Harper’s Bazar. The cover illustration was accompanied by the title, the year of the publication, and the price of the magazine. “Bazar assembles photographers, designers, artists and writers to deliver perspectives into the world of fashion and popular culture on a monthly basis” (Georgievska 1). At the beginning

  • Background Of Fashion Illustration

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    When I was young, I thought fashion illustration was drawn by illustrator’s imagination. However, after taking the history of fashion illustration, I realized that my thoughts were completely wrong. The illustrations of various eras reflect the society, the economy, and also technological development. Diverse fashion changes have been detected by fashion illustrators. As long as fashion exist, there exist fashion illustrators. Cultural changes and technological developments have an impact on the

  • Fashion Illustration And Art Design

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    Illustration is an art that allows to create an amazing aesthetics that is hard to remake or achieve with the same aesthetic value using digital technologies or photography because of the emotional atmosphere, transfer of mood of the work of art and detailed visualization of images. The term “illustration” itself has a several meanings, but the most known is ‘art design’. In the past, illustration due to its characteristics been only associated with books and magazines as a support for a text. However

  • Comparing Forms of Illustration

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    There are several areas we can explore in regards to specialization in illustration. These areas include fashion, advertising, technical, editorial, and medical forms. Although each of these forms has their own unique characteristics and attributes, the two forms that I am most interested in are advertising and editorial. For some time in my life I used to believe that these two forms of illustration generally meant the same thing. I was wrong because there are many dissimilar characteristics between

  • Meat Loaf 's Album ' Bat Out Of Hell '

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    Corben, best known for his sci-fi and fantasy work. Corben’s illustration effectively advertises the album 's contents to the target audience as well as creating the beginnings of a visual identity for ‘Meat Loaf’. The illustration was designed to fit the size and shape of an album cover measuring 12.375 inches square. The original artwork was painted on a 24 inch square canvas board using oil and acrylic paint. Designing an illustration to fit these precise dimensions can be challenging as you are

  • Complexities Of Image And Text Relations

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    Complexities of Image and Text Relations Illustration is a popular aspect in literature, and can be found in all genres and forms. Although it is sometimes more heavily associated with children’s books – such as illustrated stories, there are large amounts of illustrated work that are designed specifically for an adult audience. Images and text both convey meaning, but they can also compete with one another. Image and text can work to guide the reader on a desired path of understanding, or they

  • Beardsley's Artistic Influences Of The Three Savoy

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    its illustrations also “blend pictorial and verbal qualities into a single whole” in the same manner as Under the Hill. The first illustration preceding the poem represents two characters: a woman, the opera singer the poem mentions, and a young man. The absence of the third musician in the illustration catches the attention of the reader/viewer, but the reason of his absence is explained in the poem: the Polish pianist is simply slow to catch up with the other two. However, the illustration also

  • Biography of Agustin Recha Mora

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    Agustin Recha Mora was born in May 1954, in Granada, Spain. He moved to Bilbao in 1967 and he is teaching as a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Bilbao since 1979. Recha Mora has been into a lot of contests and he has won many awards. Most of his work was for a reason, which is to show the importance of the loss. In this report, I will be analyzing the form, content and context of one of his works which is called Street towards Plaza Ercilla Moyúa and showing the intentions of Recha Mora.

  • Emerging Technology and Graphic Design Research Paper Waianae High School Team Members: Catherine

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    Emerging Technology and Graphic Design Research Paper Waianae High School Team Members: Catherine Cannon Marina Leota Advisor: Michael O’Connor Principal: Disa Hauge 85-251 Farrington Highway Waianae, HI 96792 TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary 2 Target Audiences and Technology 3 Social Media and Graphic Design 4 Reaching Target Audiences 6 References 8 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This research paper is about social media and mobile connectivity and its importance to graphic designers in the aspect of being

  • You Khang Nee Character Analysis

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    about how her illustrations are too simple. “Essentially, Mogu is who I am. I know that I’m not the best illustrator out there. In fact, I’m not very good at drawing but she is my platform to share my story, adventure and lifestyle. It’s great if you like it but even if you don’t, I won’t change my style and who I am just to please you,” explained the journalism graduate on her inspiration behind the character. Against the pressure of conforming to colourful and happy illustrations that are more