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  • Fashion Analysis : Fashion Week

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    Olympics, there are always things that can bring people together. Fashion Week is one of them. Fashion Week brings artists, designers, and audiences from across the world together in the name of art. However, the importance of Fashion Week cannot be expressed without first discussing its history. Fashion Week allows fashion designers to display their designs to a worldwide audience (Fortini para. 10). Basically, Fashion Week is a time during which the industry’s most prestigious designers set

  • Fashion Personal Statement Essay

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    aware about the fashion world. However, when I transferred in Milan (Italy) back in 2012, it opened my eyes to its beauty; from well-structured buildings and green parks to famous Italian cuisine and well-known fashion houses. This city introduced me into a new world; a world that I should have known before. Since then my interest and love for the fashion world continues to grow. Therefore, I'm applying for this course to enhance my skills and to maximize my knowledge about what fashion really is. Before

  • Case Study: Chiara Ferragni And The Blonde Salad

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    Case Study: Chiara Ferragni and ‘The Blonde Salad’ Introduction Successful fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni are active users of ‘identity performance’, or transforming continuously by understanding and translating changing cultural codes and social norms (Warburton 2013). Socials norms are evident in our daily lives but with the soaring number of Instagram members, the set of social norms for online use are changing. Individuals and groups are interdependent in their use of social norms; they

  • Case Study : Market Entry Strategy

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    Recommendations Market entry strategy JH.ZANE is a new designer fashion brand, which is focusing on getting back to basics, combining with details about women’s appearing. Since the business just started in 2013, the brand desires to entry into new potential market for the business expansion: international entry. There are three aspects about recommendations.  Evaluating the China market & Finding the most suitable way to entry  Maintain the brand image & Figure out multi-way to increasing brand

  • Fashion Week's Impact on American Society

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    Question When I was young, I had a large appeal with fashion week. My friend and I would impersonate the runway models in my living room, dressing up in my mother’s clothes and laying stuffed animals out like attendees. This fascination carried into high school, I found it as an opportunity to demonstrate my style to a larger audience. Fashion week was intriguing to me because it provided a way to express myself in a unique way and show a side of my own creativity. I anticipated this project would

  • Olivia Palermo's Excellent Style Knowledge

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    styles which have landed her at the front of various runway shows, such as New York Fashion week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. One aspect of Olivia Palermo is to not overdo it with an outfit. Her fashion choices are impeccably chic and pristine. Her style is worth following. Paris Fashion Week She was quite busy during Paris Fashion week. There were various cocktail parties, fashion shows, and other types of events. Many front-row looks were on display which were

  • How A Professional Business Practice Throughout A Three Months Placement Course At Roksanda

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    publicity her stock list has grown world wide selling over 200 shops in 40 different countries (London Fashion Week). Roksanda has now a variety brand ranging from ready-to-wear to swimwear and in 2012, a childrenswear line called ‘Blossom’ which was inspired by her daughter Efimia (Business of Fashion). “… elegant which is something I always do and classic but at the same time something fashion forward and edgy that is ROKSANDA’s DNA…”

  • Mary Katrantzou Executive Summary

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    high fashion label that offers a hyper-real prints and demi-couture artistry clothing, jewellery and accessories for woman. Every season the brand offer unique and innovative collections of garments, as well as they are doing Resort collections that fit the needs of the luxury fashion industry and sets instant fashion trends. Especially in the digital print industry. Mary Katrantzou was opened in 2009 in United Kingdom, London and has now become one of the most famous labels in the fashion industry

  • The Negative Effects of the Fashion Industry on Eating Disorders

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    ENG 150 18 October 2012 The Negative Effects of the Fashion Industry on Eating Disorders While it’s fashion week in London, the size “zero” models start to prepare for the big show by purging to be as thin as possible. Most models starve themselves in order to achieve the “waif”, stick-thin figure; it becomes so addictive, almost like second nature that it further leads to serious eating disorders. From recent studies, today’s model weighs about 23% less than the normal woman. Clearly, most

  • What Is the Role of Fashion Promotion, and How Will It Develop over the Next Five Years?

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    What is the role of fashion Promotion within the fashion Industry, and how will it develop over the next five years? In an age where fashion and technology is constantly evolving it is important that we take a step back and take a look at the current happenings in the promotional side of the fashion industry. The fashion show,a key tool to making designers collections accessible to its consumer, will be the main focus of this essay. We shall define fashion promotion before looking at how the catwalk