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  • The Western Phenomenon Of Fat And Poor

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    weight-related diseases? Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. After bills are taken care of, the necessity that always suffers because of financial insecurities is food. People are quick to choose the cheap and fast food options over their healthy and time-consuming counterparts. This leaves many Americans to pick up the check for their bad food decisions later in life. At McDonald’s, a cheeseburger is cheaper than a salad, but a triple bypass surgery or a lifetime insulin supply surely costs more in the

  • Fast Food Essay

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    For nearly 100 years now the fast food epidemic has spread through the U.S like a modern day delicious plague, for which many college students have fallen victim too. Unlike the bubonic one this modern-day plague has had a positive effect on people ages 18-21 i.e college students every year there is a rise in the number of freshmen college students during the first year of college they will find out real fast home much time and dedication college requires to obtain and hold a high GPA during this

  • The Pros And Cons Of Fast Food

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    hate to admit it, but I eat fast food. I am a repeat offender of eating almost ten Taco Bell tacos in one sitting. Maybe not as frequent as some people, but I eat it at least once a week, sometimes more due to my little brothers unwavering love for delivery pizza. I feel terrible and gross immediately afterwards, but I still do it again the very next week. In terms of food available for consumption, fast food is near the bottom of the totem pole of healthy choices for food. I don’t personally eat it

  • Dangers Posed By The Fast Food Industry

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    Posed by the Fast Food Industry “A nation 's diet can be more revealing than its art or literature” (Schlosser, 3). Historically, few trends have been as popular in the United States as fast food. From Burger King to Taco Bell to McDonald’s, it seems that numerous fast food restaurants dot every corner; in fact, specific restaurants have now even joined forces, so that a Taco Bell and a Pizza Hut might coexist within one building. Statistically, Americans eat a great deal of fast food, and the industry

  • Healthy Eating In America

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    the go. Eating healthy and preparing your own meals takes time and energy, something that the average American can’t afford to lose. The convenience and low price of fast food makes it more accessible than healthy food to the average busy American. While eating healthier may be more expensive and time consuming than eating fast food, there are ways to make the transition to a healthy lifestyle easier. Meal-prepping for the week is a good option for people that have limited free time during the week

  • The Doubts of Eating Out

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    Sadie and her family always eat out. They never have time to sit together as a family and eat a home cooked meal. Since Sadie always grabbed fast food on the run, she was gaining weight fast. Additionally, buying food from restaurants almost every day was making Sadie’s wallet go empty. Also, since her family never made the time to eat together as a family, Sadie was weakening her relationship with her siblings and parents. They started talking less to each other about their lives and just kept to

  • How Junk Food Can End Obesity Summary

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    Fast Food Companies Can End Obesity Judging from the title of David Freedman’s “How Junk Food Can End Obesity” published in The Atlantic, Freeman's audience, the upper middle class of America, conjures up an image of a crazy Freedman throwing away every piece of scientific data that shows junk food is hazardous to your health. However, this is not the case. Freedman brings to light a more compromising approach to solving America’s obesity problem. His opinion is that by manufacturing healthier

  • The Impact Of Nutrition Information On Advertisement Of Fast Food Chains Essay

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    advertisement of fast food chains The fast food industry in the U.S. has rapidly expanded in the past few decades (Hwang, 2013). In 2014, the industry has created a 3% current value growth, indicating its robust and continued ability in the U.S. market overall (Euromonitor, 2015). This strong increase has largely changed Americans’ lifestyle and eating habits; the amount of money they spend on fast food is more than that on education, readings and videos (Schlosser, 1998). Moreover, the fast food chains spent

  • Fast Food And The United States

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    Daniel Hernandez Professor Fay Lee English 1302 (TTh 10:10-11:35) 30 October 2014 Fast Food and Obesity in the United States Fast food restaurants have revolutionized the United States. It has helped people with low salaries be able to afford food for their family, but at the cost of their own health. Ever since the first fast food restaurant opened, health rates have dropped and keep continuing to drop. The visual argument I have chosen takes place in Africa in an environment that is a nice sunny

  • The Importance Of Food Inspections In The Food Industry

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    steak came from? The food industry does not want people to know where certain foods people eat come from, because if they were to know they may not want to consume it anymore. It is important for everyone to eat healthy and to take good care of their bodies, because it can lead to many health problems. It does not help that food has become dangerous and that this dangerousness is hidden from everyone. Our health can be at risk and everyone should have a right to know where the food we consume is from