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  • Essay By Fatema Mernissi

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    women are forced to wear the scarf and at times cover their faces entirely. However, in Fatema Mernissi’s (2011) “Size 6: The Western women’s harem” she portrays how Western women in contrast are also dominated by the males of the society. Mernissi’s language, tone of voice and her use of comparisons and personal experience all add up to make a convincing and captivating article. In her article, Fatima Mernissi, attempts to portray how men in the West are still dictating the way many women think

  • Size 6: The Western Women's Harem by Fatema Mernissi and Mother Tongue by Amy Tan

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    will probably never change. In the essays “Size 6: The Western Women’s Harem” by Fatema Mernissi and “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan, both women share their stories about being stereotyped and judged. Both Mernissi and Tan use the nonfiction elements of characterization, as well as point of view. Although both Mernissi’s and Tan’s essays have a relatively similar theme, their situations are completely different. Fatema Mernissi’s essay “Size 6: The Western Women’s Harem” shares her experience when

  • Article Review of Fatema Mernissi's 'Size Six: The Western Women's Harem'

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    Size Six: The Western women's harem by Fatema Mernissi The article "Size six: The Western women's harem" by Fatema Mernissi is a contemplative look at the difference in "harem" experienced by women from cultures highly distinct from each other. Mernissi analyzed the portrayal and subordination of women both in the eyes of a Muslim woman like her, and from the perspective of Western women. Interestingly, the author argued that the subordination and repression of Western women by their own society

  • Batting Clean-Up And Striking Out Analysis

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    There has always been a battle between the roles of men and women. Men are very different to women in many different ways. The essays that Fatema Mernissi wrote “Size 6: The Western Women’s Harem” and Dave Barry wrote “Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out” have the same baseline, but are different in their own ways explaining gender roles and qualities. The essays “Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out” and “Size 6: The Western Women’s Harem” are both similar, but their approaches are very different by

  • The Influence Of Fashion Codes In American Beauty Culture

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    look like in American Beauty Culture. Society today has ladies (and teens) being either skinny and starving or stout and full. I know numerous women, I included, who think they are ugly in light of the width of their clothes. According to Fatema Mernissi in “Size 6: The Western Women’s Harem,” she believes that the American fashion industry is controlled by men and is used as a way to dictate “…what women should wear and how they should look” (278). This does not just apply to women and teenage

  • Essay on What are you looking at?

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    human to act in such a manner, with no regard for others and how our judgments will affect them. Another example of negative stereotyping is the story “Size 6: The Western Women’s Harem”. Being a Muslim women, and coming to “the western world” (Mernissi) would be quite a shock due to the culture change alone. The cultural shock of the women’s fashion industry and how it changes standards for what is normal and what is plus size. This is a bad way to stereotype women. The Muslim women are clearly

  • The Negative Impact on a Woman's Self Esteem

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    Fatema Mernissi, “Size 6: The Western Woman's Harem,” (274) explains how American Society can put a negative impact on a woman's self esteem because of their harsh expectations. She puts the blame on the American man's requirements that a woman be a size four or six to be considered desirable. Our society is obsessed with the thought of being thin. The media puts out a harsh influence on how our young girls are suppose to look and act. These kind of expectations cause eating disorders and very low