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  • A Prayering Father: A Father Is A Father To The Father

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    A PRAYING FATHER Who is a father to you?A father is either a biological parent who brought you into this world,through God process of birth or step father who has adapted you as his own child. A father has a major role to his family. A father is the head of his family as christ is the head of the church. A praying father is very different from any other ordinary father who has no knowledge about the word of God.He may be wealth and has all this riches but if he doen't have godly principles,he has

  • My Father And Father : The Father Of The Father

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    all crazy and sometimes even abusive. I hated seeing my father and mother argue. I never understood why my dad drank so much til the point where he was not conscious. He was not always like this. In fact, he did not even like the taste of alcohol. Something changed my father, and until this day I now understand what he went through. I could remember the good memories of my family before my dad begun to drink. I could remember my father, mother, and little brother sharing stories at the dinner

  • The Mother And Father : The Father Of The Father

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    As defined by the world, a father is typically considered a man who gave contributed to the process of creating a child and being there for it. However, why does it have to be specifically a man? Nowadays, there are many single moms because of how cowardly the “father” was on in raising a child. I agree that a father is a hard worker, supplier, and determined to carry their family on their shoulders, but I do not agree that it has to necessarily be a male. The world’s toughest job is the job of being

  • Father : An Ideal Father

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    poverty. There are two versions of a father, a father incapable of handling the responsibilities, and an ideal father whose efforts are to see his child or children succeed. A father is a man in relation to his natural child or children. An ideal father is an individual who sacrifices, teaches, and supports his child or children. A father in technical terms is an individual who helps to produce a child, however a father is much more than that. An ideal father is someone who accompanies his child

  • Exploring My Father : The Father Of The Father

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    My stepfather, who I call father, once told me that parenting only required love not DNA. Throughout my life I always found myself in a place where I wondered why my biological father never made the effort to see me, not once, but makes time for his other kids every day. Due to my biological father’s abandonment on my mother and I, there has always been a sense of not good enough in my life, it felt like I was trying to fill up a cup with tiny holes in it. The more water I put in the cup the more

  • The Father Of My Father

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    me unconditional love every single day, my dad. My father has made a huge impact on my life throughout my fourteen years of living. Through the good and the bad he has stuck by my side, and not only my side, but also the side of his other five children. Many hardships have come in and out of my family’s lives and it astonishes me as I see my dad fight through them. Many things have contributed to me admiring my father, and I am glad I see my father with amiable eyes. To begin with, my dad came from

  • The Father Of My Father

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    dad; observing what he was doing and how. He always seemed to know what to do in any situation that would arise. Whether it was fixing the lawn mower, doing some construction to the house, or just something as simple as day to day conversation. My father is the person responsible for making me who I am today. He taught me to be empathetic, compassionate, strong-willed, motivated and most importantly loving. I can remember times where I may have done something wrong or bad and he was upset, but never

  • My Father As A Father

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    This move thrusts me into a whirlwind of uncertainty; my dad was my hero and now, I do not know what to think. I knew of my father as a giving man. He dedicated so much of his time and resources to help those less fortunate and unfortunately, it was at the peril of his family. I do not make excuses for my father, just like my mother stepped up her responsibility as a parent, he should have shared with her in lieu of leaving her to struggle with a young daughter. For quite some time I had trust

  • My Father Is A Positive Father

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    When I was five years old my parents got a divorce. My father was abusive towards me on many occasions and was known to cheat on my mom. I remember him getting mad at me one time, he proceeded to kick me multiple times with cowboy boots on. It was so bad I could not sit down for a week. He would not play a significant role in my life going forward. “…children with abusive fathers may disengage from their fathers, preferring to distance and buffer themselves from the harmful effects of negative

  • Every Good Father Is A Successful Father

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    actor and filmmaker once wisely stated, “Not every successful man is a good father. But every good father is a successful man.” This quote reveals just how fulfilling and important a true father’s job can be. A father has many responsibilities, yet his family should become a priority in his life every day. No matter what happens around them, a father must bring his family together, showing them Christ’s love. The role of a father encompasses many different duties. Yet a man begins learning fundamental