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  • The Differences Between Prairie Style Architecture And Hi-Tech Architecture

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    In this paper I will be discussing and contrasting the differences between Prairie Style architecture and Hi-tech architecture. We will go over the origin, the years it was used, the main components and characteristics, some of the architects that used these design types, a few real=-world examples, and we will compare them. Prairie School was a late 19th- and early 20th-century architectural style, most common to the Midwestern United States. The style is usually marked by horizontal lines, flat

  • The Art Of Secrets

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    pages. This book would most likely classify as Modern Realistic Fiction. The main characters are Saba Khan, Farooq Khan, Khawla Khan, and Salman Farooq. Though, every chapter is told from different points of view. There are about 10 different points, so I cannot give descriptions of everyone. The father and mother are muslim immigrants but are american citizens throughout the whole book. Saba Khan is an ambitious teen who is 15 years old. She’s amazing at tennis but her father does not agree with

  • The First Document By Chinggis Khan

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    The first document is a letter written by Chinggis Khan in 1219 Common Era (C.E.) to Changchun. In this letter, Chinggis writes to him requesting a meeting with him. However, he also critiques on how his empire is better than China. He states that China has been abandoned by the heaven because of the state of luxury China has been living. Further, this has a negative impact on China’s society and believes that if they leave luxury behind the Chinese would be able to live in a better state and conquer

  • The Harsh Effects Of Revenge In The Story Of Cain And Abel

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    Imagine someone is on their way driving home one Sunday afternoon, perhaps on the way home from a football game at a friend’s house, when all of a sudden they are forced to slam hard on the brakes because some “lunatic” has to be in front of you when the light turns green. With extreme indignation, the “violated” driver resolves, once the light turns the right shade, to covertly get around the perpetrator and “step on it”. Welcome revenge. It is that feeling a person gets when someone has done

  • Free Gilgamesh Essays: The Hall Of Valhalla

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    Gilgamesh took a jab at the Great Khan, bitterly throwing an insult which related to the Khan copulating with some type of animal or another. Gilgamesh was still taking the invasion of the middle-east a bit too personally, even though Gilgamesh himself was out of the picture several thousand years before Genghis was

  • How Did Peter The Great Reform Russia

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    Peter the great, the ruler of Russia from (1672-1725). Was an ambitious person who wanted to reform Russia and built them into a great nation. Peter the great focused on developing science in his nation by inviting people who are expert in the science field that will teach his people about the technological advancement. Peter the great also promoted secular education. Russia’s industrial development was boosted under the leadership of Peter the great with trade flourishing. Peter the great also focused

  • Rider Of The Apocalypse Analysis

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    The movie ‘Genghis Khan – Rider of the Apocalypse’ was very similar to the information gathered in some aspects, but in other aspects, it was entirely different. This is due to different people interpreting the information and artefacts found in different ways, and then documenting their interpretation, and because everyone interprets things differently, Genghis Khan’s story was told in different ways. The people from back in the late 12th century and early 13th century have also recorded the events

  • Chinese History And The Chinese Tradition

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    Chinese history has witnessed the governing styles of many different dynasties throughout its history. Both the Tang and Yuan dynasties had expansionist ideologies, and both attempted to reallocate workload under their administrations. While the Tang government was focused on management and focused (specialization?) of tasks and services, the Yuan dynasty was less able to fully control its territory and people. The Yuan dynasty’s shaky regime, when contrasted with the relative stability of the Tang

  • The Origin Of The Mongolian People

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    Everyday, people move to different cities, towns, neighborhoods, or just the middle of nowhere. And these people who relocate, bring something unique to the new area that they live in. When people migrate, a society becomes more diverse. Cultures, foods, religions, languages, beliefs, and much more are exposed to different people and this in turn, causes many people to become more informed, diverse, less ignorant, and sometimes even infuriated. Just like in the present, the same things occurred in

  • Media Interventions : Marketing Of The Movies

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    4. Media Interventions in Marketing of the Movies Introduction In India, media consists of television, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines, and internet. These can be categorized as follows: Alternate media: It includes magazines, radio, TV, newspapers etc. Modern Media: It consists of Internet, social media, blogs etc. Print Media: Print media comprises of newspapers, magazines etc. Audio visual media: AV media consists of radio and TV etc. Outdoor media: Outdoor media is composed of hoardings