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  • Domestic Cats: The Most Popular Pets In The World

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    Domestic cats are the most popular pets in the world. According to several specialized sources, in 2006 there were about 202 million cats all around the world living with humans as pets, while dogs, which are considered as the second most popular pet, accounted for 171 millions. As several specialized publications report, cats have become popular, mainly due to their ability to adapt to urban life both in city houses and rural areas as well. People who love cats consider them as loving companions

  • Evolution Of Cats Essay

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    the years, yet still have barely changed. Cats are interesting in their own ways, both their history and personalities. The cat’s scientific name is Eukaryota Anamalia Chordata Mammalia Carnivora Felidae Felis catus (“Felis Catus: The Domestic Cat,” n.d.). Usually just the term Felidae is used (“Felis Catus: The Domestic Cat,” n.d.). The evolution

  • Annotated Bibliography On The Domestic Cat

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    Conservation status Domesticated Scientific classification e Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Suborder: Feliformia Family: Felidae Genus: Felis Species: F. silvestris Subspecies: F. s. catus Trinomial name Felis silvestris catus Linnaeus, 1758[2] Synonyms Felis catus (original combination)[3] Felis catus domestica (invalid junior synonym)[4] The

  • The Adventures Of Sergot : A Prologue : The Adventures Of Margot

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    The adventures of Margot. Prologue We have been flying for over 20 days to find the last of humanity on Jupiter and save them. Along the way we encountered armed drones, giant rats, robots, talking jungle cats, and talking river whales. Plus an alien which thank god was friendly. I've been on Jupiter since everybody left. I am Margot and I have green hair and blue eyes. I am 11 years old Chapter one The house started to cave in. I was almost crushed by

  • Descriptive Essay About Friends

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    Friendship is weird. You select random strangers who have similar personality traits as you and then give them affection and plan activities and spend time with them. Assuming you have a specific person in mind, think back to when you weren’t friends yet. If you were to never cross paths ,where would you be? I tend to think about this question a lot, and I have concluded that my life has been affected in a way I will never really know why or how, but it all started with my next door neighbor.

  • Descriptive Essay About Friends

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    Friendship is weird. You select random strangers that have similar personality traits as you and then give them affection and plan activities that involves the other person. But before you were friends you were strangers — if you were to never cross paths or judged them the wrong way right off the bat — where would you be. My life has been affected in a way I will never really know why or how but it all started with my next door neighbor. In fair Noblesville, Indiana is where we set our scene.

  • Felis Cat Research Paper

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    The scientific name for a cat is Felis Catus. Most house cats - although they’re much safer inside from disease and danger tend to be overweight and underactive. Cats like people and dogs benefit from being both fit and active. Exercise is a need for your cat’s mental and physical health because it relieves stress and boredom, improves circulation, builds muscle, and can prevent or reduce behavioral problems. Cats like movement so the toy must be one that can move rapidly and in unpredictable ways

  • My Felis Catus Research Paper

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    Some people have always wondered where the missing link between cats and dogs was. Somewhere down the Carnivora line there is a split between these two species, but look no farther as the missing link is sitting on my lap as I write this. My Felis Catus is known as Bitsy and is my catdog who is a cute little fur ball with dog-like tendencies. My cat is a slinky creature with the pattern of a cow. Her white fur is companied by black dots that adorn her body and starting at her long, thin tail there

  • Description of the Hardhead Catfish: Arius Felis Essay

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    Name – Arius felis Name – Hardhead catfish Description – Hardhead catfish have six rounded barbels that stick out from their chins like whiskers. These barbels help the catfish find crabs, fish and shrimp in the muddy bays where they live. The dorsal and pectoral fins each are supported by a sharp, slime-covered barbed spine. The catfish is covered in a mildly toxic slime, that causes severe pain, and swelling, should the catfish cut you. The dorsal spine normally is held erect when the fish is excited

  • Cat Dissection

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    thing about felines such as this specimen Felis Catus is that even though it is a four pawed animal it also retains many of the various features humans have. The muscular