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  • Surviving Female Gender Roles

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    Surviving Female Gender Roles What defines being ‘feminine’ will vary with each culture, but two archetypes: passive homemaker and liberal feminist have existed for centuries as one will see in two Japanese stories written in the 17th century. In The Love Suicides at Amijima, readers see the social chains that bind a submissive woman to her societal duties. On the other hand, in Tales of Sensuous Women, readers are shown a complete opposite archetype where women find ways to circumvent the social

  • Social Standards For Female Bullying

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    which a harasser uses electronic media with a specific end goal to hassle peers. Females support CMC types of harassing over more straightforward eye to eye cooperations since it exploits social standards for showing female animosity. The creator of this study gathered samples of female cyber- bullying from mainstream high schooler long range informal communication locales. This study talks about the purposes for female harassing and the five messages most normally communicated in web tormenting. After

  • The Presence Of Females Within The Coffeehouse

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    Demonstrated in No.73 of The Spectator, ideal representations of female roles are closely tied in with the ‘care of their families, and love for their husbands, which [were] great qualities and achievements of womankind’ . The good female characters were those who willingly confined themselves to the concerns of their families- characteristics that came to be idealised by the spectator, thus causing

  • Female Characters In And Then There Were None

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    None by Agatha Christie, it is apparent that the female characters are portrayed in a manner that is both derogatory and stereotypical. Whether the incidents include a fellow character or the author directly using offensive insults, portrayals of hysteria or weakness compared to the males, or downright treating the female protagonists like objects or things, they are sometimes cruel and unnecessary. Throughout And Then There Were None, the female characters are described through hurtful stereotypes

  • Female Characters In Othello Essay

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    . Examine the female characters in the play. Do they share a common role in Othello? Every woman in Othello are very important to the plot and drama. Even the premise of Othello is about one man wanting to destroy another for a Woman. The Woman that Cassio and Roderigo want in the story is Desdemona, even though she is with Othello. While Desdemona may seem a two-dimensional character, she is takes the initiate several times and is the moral center to the story. She also comes across as open minded

  • The Female Characters Of Women And Prejudice

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    In War and Peace, the female protagonist Natasha is depicted as beautiful and fresh young woman who attracts many suitors. However, a close reading of the novel reveals that Natasha’s beauty derives from her inner spirit and liveliness, aspects that disguise her impulsive behavior. Natasha can get away with her imprudence because her behavior is seen as product of her love for life and her free spirt, and her beauty and liveliness allow her to do things that were not socially accepted, such as kissing

  • Training the Female Athlete Essay

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    Training the Female Athlete In this Podcast, Peter Melanson interviews Diane Vives – director of Vives Training Systems in Austin, Texas, on training female athletes. Peter asks Diane a series of questions in regards to female athletes versus male athletes on how to train better, the differences between training, and the types of injuries caused from the training between men and women athletes. Diane answers with questions with research and studies that supports her theories and reasoning’s to

  • Male And Female Reproductive Strategies

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    Male and Female Reproductive Strategies in Primates and Their Comparison to Humans Simuel Lands November 4, 2016 Research Paper/Anthropology 161 Male and Female Reproductive Strategies in Primates and Their Comparison to Humans Introduction The male and female primates have different reproductive strategies. The female’s approaches are similar in all the species while those of males differ according to the species that they belong (Bercovitch, 1991). Female primates invest in their

  • Female Athletes And Sporting Events

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    Abstract It is obvious in the Western culture; gender makes a difference within the sports. Several studies have shown how reality discriminates within female sporting events and athletes when compared to males. The objective of this study is to examine how male athletes and sporting events dominate over female athletes and sporting events since Title IX law was passed in 1972. The law stated that no person on the basis of sex, in the U.S. would be discriminated against in any athletics or educational

  • Role Of Female Nature In Frankenstein

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    reinforced the role of female nature in a book that is predominantly male-oriented. The female character is an underlying feature throughout the whole novel. For example, when Victor Frankenstein created his Monster from dead body parts, he disregarded the laws of female reproduction. Both Anne K. Mellor and Jonathon Bate argue that Victor defiled the feminine nature when he created his Monster from unnatural means. Mellor argued in her essay, “Possessing Nature: The Female in Frankenstein,” that