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  • Women 's Role As A Female

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    The female gender has been evolving over time. During the last few years women have been rising above the obstacles and excelling. Women are now becoming the leaders in society despite many challenges. My gender as a female, possess so many positive characteristics but also negative connotations. When I think of the term female, I think of superheroes. Women are extremely amazing and we have the power to rise above all obstacles. We have positioned ourselves in society to advance in higher roles

  • Dracula And The Female Sexuallity As Disease

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    Dracula and Carmilla Female Sexuallity as Disease In the two classic gothic vampire tales, Carmilla and Dracula, both novels have similarities through their displays of sexuality. Sexuallity isn’t just displaying sexual intentions towards other people. The two novels explore how vampirism represents female sexuality as a disease through different means. In Carmilla, the character of Carmilla’s vampirism is linked with disease because she has bitten Laura, one of her many victims, and fed off of her

  • Female Vs. Male Answers

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    advertisements per day, which can do a number on healthy everyday individuals let alone people who are considered “overweight” by society’s standards. This research paper will talk about the results of a body image survey, comparing and contrasting why female vs male answers are different and how the rest of the world (outside of oakmont) is reacting to body image controversy. The students and faculty of Oakmont Regional High School, much like the rest of America, have a distorted sense of body image,

  • Societal Standards Of Female Beauty

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    every female and male look to for guidance when it comes to fashion, beauty, and information. “Magazines and advertisements are used to help women better themselves by giving information and products to make them look and feel better” (Serdar 1). Without magazines and advertisements there wouldn 't be an exact focus on beauty standards.. People would have the freedom to choose what they like and what they consider beautiful instead of following the crowd. “Sociocultural standards of female beauty

  • Female Protagonists of Detective Narratives

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    focus on female protagonists who are the center and driving force behind a detective narrative. I will compare and contrast Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs and Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo to explore two women that are progressive in breaking through traditional gender roles and are successful at portraying a female that goes against the grain. These women portray unique and progressive ideas about sexuality. Clarice and Lisbeth are two empowered females that are

  • Female Sexuality And Its Impact On Women

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    3. Goffman defines ritualization of subordination as “female bodies in particular are used to demonstrate the broadest social idea and what the culture defines as feminine as a subordinate relationship as to what the culture defines as masculine”. This means that by social aspects and ideals, women are depicted as subordinates and are underlying to men because of how the culture is defined. One position in which women are depicted as subordinates and defenseless is when they are lying down. They

  • Female Offenders And Sexual Abuse

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    As the video states that today there are three times as many women in prison as there were just ten years ago, the sizable number of female offenders had serious drug problems, more than half were victims of physical abuse, over a third had been sexually abused, and about a quarter those offenders has attempted suicide. Many of the women offender are not married or they are single parents, or they may have run away from home and is without home fighting to survive. Women were less likely than men

  • Female Athletes And Male Athletes

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    It’s pretty clear that in today’s society males are the dominate figure in sports. Unlike female athletes, men receive a tremendous amount of media attention than female athletes. Young boys grow up watching television bombarded with heroic images of male athletes. They have something to look up to, while young girls do not receive the same images. Male and female athletes have many equal opportunities when it comes to playing and succeeding in sports. Yet it seems that male sports happen to catch

  • The Inequality Of Female And Male Sports

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    any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance” (Anderson). These thirty seven words, known as Title IX, have transformed the athletic community for both males and females over the past forty two years. Many wonder why there is still so much talk about the inequalities of female and male sports even after forty two years of the enactment of Title IX. Violations of this law still occur and some may be closer to home than one thinks. In 2009, the Office of Civil Rights

  • Female Sexuality : Male Sexuality

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    Female Sexuality Female sexuality has been a controversial subject that plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. There is a constant double standard women face. In terms of sexuality both males and females are more similar than society deems them. It begins with parents; they have a great impact on how their daughters view sex and their own sexuality. Also female sexuality is considered taboo when they become mothers. There is a never ending battle of hypocrisy that women face when it comes to