Feminist perspectives

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  • Feminist Counselling : A Feminist Perspective

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    explore feminist counselling and take into consideration the theoretical ideas and practice skills that will include the following issues The key figures (founders) and major focus, philosophy and basic assumptions, key concepts, therapeutic goals, techniques and procedures, applications, contributions, and the limitations and criticisms of feminist counselling. To develop a better understanding of the feminist counselling approach, the next few paragraphs will look at the forms feminist counselling

  • Prostitution : A Feminist Perspective

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    Individuals Very many organizations and individuals play an active role in discouraging prostitution in the American society. Laurie Shrage is a radical feminist who explains that prostitution degrades females in various forms; for example, female prostitutes are in many cases assaulted by their male clients (Hubbard, 2012). Other notable feminists who have discourage prostitution activities are Kethleen Barry, Laura Lederer, and Julie Bindel. The Breaking Free organization is located in Minnesota

  • Feminist Perspective On Prostitution

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    Prostitution is often referred to as the world’s oldest profession, and yet, it is also one of the most controversial. Utilizing multiple perspectives to understand certain issues may aid in the creating strategies for equality (Levan, “Unit 1”, 10). Different feminist theories have varying opinions regarding prostitution, and this paper will attempt to address the concerns that each framework brings in order to promote justice. One of the main arguments surrounding prostitution is whether or not

  • Feminism : A Feminist Perspective

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    and strategies to make gender the central focus in social change. This will help in attempts to understand relationships, institutions and processes. To broadly summarize, feminism is the belief that women are inherently of equal worth to men. Many feminist views believe women suffer from oppression and discrimination due to living in a male dominated society. When a society is run by a majority of males, the laws and customs are more likely to be created in order to benefit their gender. The first

  • Feminism : A Feminist Perspective

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    eye-opening articles, groundbreaking books, and activism has influenced my intellectual journal through feminist theory. Feminism is a contentious topic with matters that pertain to contemporary feminism, including the following: reproductive rights; equal access to education and employment; marriage equality; violence against women; and the sex trade. While these are only a few of the issues faced by feminists, it is evident that feminism has great value in today’s society. My journey with feminism began

  • The Feminist Perspective: The Devaluation And Lives Of Women

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    By evaluating the situation and lives of women in society, the feminist perspective is defined as a source of social inequality, group conflict and social problems. For feminist, patriarchal society is the foundation of social problems. The patriarchal male dominated society where women are meant to justify the rule through devaluation; however, the definition of patriarchy has dominated the powerful group expanded to include the social devaluation of the power rating (Leon-Guerrero, Anna, 2015)

  • Human Trafficking Through A Feminist Theoretical Perspective

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    Trafficking Through a Feminist Theoretical Perspective  Feminist Theory  It 's unfortunate that when some people hear the term feminism, they automatically place that as a negative word and it becomes something they don 't want to be associated with. It is unfortunate that people will try to avoid it however, people will still embrace the feminist politics. As feminist scholar Susan A. Mann (2012) describes, when people refuse to identify as a feminist they create the "I 'm-not-a feminist-but" syndrome

  • The Feminist Perspective of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Essay

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    The Feminist Perspective of Buffy the Vampire Slayer In her feminist critique of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Anne Millard Daughtey described Buffy as a show which "obviously promotes female strength and power" (159). Buffy herself is a "symbol of female empowerment" (149); as feminists we can all take comfort in the fact that Buffy "kicks butt and so can we all" (164). Sherryl Vint agrees that Buffy is a "positive role model for young women, one which feminism should celebrate" (para. 3). I find

  • Feminist Perspective In The K-12 Art Education Curriculum

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    clearly defined Black feminist perspective cannot be found in the K-12 art education curriculum at this time. Although several articles from Wanda Knight and Jessie Whitehead have discussed the importance of including a Black feminist and woman of color perspective, nothing definitive can be found in the current art education curriculum. Through the use of Charles Mills’ theory of “revisionist ontology,” I will discuss the importance and value of including a Black feminist perspective in the K-12 art education

  • Gay 's Speech : A Feminist Perspective Essay

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    accepting the label of a “bad feminist” in the eyes of mainstream feminism, she begins to speak on topics of inequality within the feminist realm; “I reject the mainstream feminism that has historically ignored or deflected the needs of women of color, working-class women, queer women and transgender women, in favor of supporting white, middle- and upper-class straight women” By admitting some of the genuine challenges that are being faced by non-mainstream feminists, Gay forces her audience to face