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  • Essay On Electron Microscopy

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    the electron pulse, which is finite due to the initial energy dispersion and the space-charge effect. In UEM, the typical temporal resolution spans several hundreds of femtoseconds to a few tens of picoseconds, which is insufficient to resolve the faster transient dynamics of matter lasting few tens to few hundreds of femtoseconds. Hence, the

  • Project Objectives Of Femtosecond Light Fields

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    Project objective and Excepted Significance: This work aims to demonstrate petahertz optical-field-induced current signal control in electronic nanocircuit utilizing synthesized femtosecond light fields. That promises an increase in the speed of data processing and information encoding on rates that exceed 1 Pbit/sec, million times faster than the current technology. It will likely extend the frontiers of modern electronics and information processing technologies into the PHz realm. This work will

  • A Research Proposal On Kanaka Raju Pandiri

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    Research Proposal Kanaka Raju Pandiri Kansas State University, USA Recent progress in ultrafast lasers gained a lot of interest to investigate ever faster physical processes in atoms, molecules, and solid state surfaces. This advancement gave birth to a broad field of science crossing physics, chemistry, and biology; known as “Ultrafast Science” for which Zewail got the Nobel prize in 1999. But, following electron dynamics in real time, watching the formation or breaking of chemical bonds, or the

  • Refractive Correction Of Myopia And Myopic Astigmatism

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    Femtosecond lenticule extraction is a new method for refractive correction of myopia and myopic astigmatism.1 The only available femtosecond laser platform to perform this surgery is Visumax (Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Jena, Germany). During the femtosecond lenticule extraction procedure, an intrastromal lenticule is created between two photodisruption planes (ie, cuts) and mechanically removed for refractive correction. The anterior lamellar cut is parallel to the corneal surface at a preset depth.

  • Ultrafast Phase-Transition Dynamics Of Solid Case Study

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    Hence, Sciaini et al. [102] studied the structural changes in crystalline bismuth (Bi) as it undergoes a phase transition (melting) due to laser excitation. The structure dynamics was probed by conducting time-resolved femtosecond electron diffraction. The time scale of this photo-induced melting was resolved from these measurements found to be in sub-vibrational time scale (190 fs). The author explained this fast melting transition due to the change in the potential energy

  • Minimally Invasive Robotic Laser Surgery in 2028

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    Surgery has been around for thousands of years. Ever since man has felt pain, man has looked to surgery for relief. It started as a crude hole in the skull, and has evolved into techniques using lasers and robots. One cutting-edge present technology that this paper will explore is the da Vinci Surgical Robotic System [1], which is being used at Johns Hopkins [2]. This system performs minimally invasive cardiac surgery; it makes the cuts more precise and saves lives. In the future, robotic surgery

  • Post Keratoplasty Essay

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    Low regular astigmatism can be corrected with femtosecond laser-assisted astigmatic keratotomies, whereas irregular astigmatism necessitates customized laser ablation. If the choice is for corneal procedure, the cornea is carefully evaluated to choose between LASIK and PRK. LASIK is used in grafts with

  • Manuscript summary (1-3 paragraphs) The paper focuses on importance of delivery of small molecules,

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    Manuscript summary (1-3 paragraphs) The paper focuses on importance of delivery of small molecules, proteins, and DNA into cells using carbon black (CB) nanoparticles activated by femtosecond laser pulses. Since the existing biological (e.g. viral vectors), chemical (e.g. cationic lipids and polymers) and physical delivery methods (e.g. electroporation) were inefficient and/or had some side effects, in this work, ultrashort laser pulses were used. In order to determine the efficiency of laser activation

  • 'Absolute Black In Douglas Adams' Restaurant At The End Of The Universe

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    Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact Science fiction is a genre that empowers our imagination. It acts like a thinking cap, allowing us to think of new ideas to invest in and invent. This genre has resulted in many innovations that are beneficial to mankind, such as credit cards, which enabled faster transactions in money. Another example is the internet, which enabled us to share ideas quickly. However, this time, we will be talking about a piece in science fiction that has not been made in real

  • Photon-Induced Near-Electron Microscopy Essay

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    field. Also, the cross-correlation images of the excited surface plasmon were obtained by control the relative delay between the driver laser pulse and the electron pulse. Worth notes, the enhancement of the temporal resolution in UEM to tens of femtoseconds [19] might allow eventually to image the plasmonic dynamics and its evolving in time and space. On the other hand, the indirect PINEM imagining (spectral mapping) enabled the envisage of excited surface plasmon on a subparticle scale [144]. This