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  • Shoulder Replacement Versus Traditional Hip Replacement Essay

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    Hip Replacement Versus Traditional Hip Replacement The continuous aging of the human body combined with the stress of physical activities create a repeated stress on the joints of our bodies that carry the potential risk of developing osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis that is the worsening of the joints occurring particularly in the hands, knees, and hip. Osteoarthritis occurs primarily with elderly individuals who have severely worsened their joints leading

  • The Skeleton Owner 's Gender, Ethnicity, Height, And Age

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    INTRODUCTION At 4 pm, in a certain park, 2 skeletons were found lying side by side behind the bushes. It was concluded that the two were a couple because they were holding hands whilst the skull was facing each other. A femur, pelvic girdles, skulls, tibia, and humerus were taken from each of the skeleton and observations were made to identify their gender, race, age, and height. One is a female, and the other was a male, also the skeletons pretty much remained intact from being undisturbed however

  • Fosamax Case Statement

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    Fosamax Femur Fracture Sparked Lawsuits Throughout STATES Increasing reports regarding femur crack accidents purportedly caused by Fosamax medicine features motivated standing regarding users health history lawsuits from the producer. The number of lawsuits ballooned some considerable number because they mushroom around america. Nevertheless, it really is early to see simply how much specifically will certainly this harmed be paid out as, somewhat, Fosamax Femur Fracture Court action is pretty brand-new

  • Molly Moony Case Summary

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    Molly Moony. This analysis will discuss Molly’s injury of a fractured neck of femur, her surgical procedure, the anatomy and physiology of the hip joint, her immediate postoperative care, assessments that should be performed upon returning to the ward and her ongoing care and discharge planning. Anatomy and Physiology of The Hip Joint Molly Moony has fallen in her home resulting in a fractured neck of femur. The neck of femur is one of the main components found within the hip joint, and as it will be

  • Perioperative Observation

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    generally healthy and did not have any other health conditions or comorbidities that would impact this surgery or any other activities of daily living. The Pathophysiology The knee is a hinge joint which is needed for movement. The joint is made by the femur and the tibia, and also contains the patella which acts as a shield for the joint. In knees with osteoarthritis, the cartilage on the ends of the bones deteriorates, causing the bones to rub against each other. X-rays can be used for the diagnosis

  • Perioperative Observation Paper

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    surgical procedure where the diseased knee joint is completely replaced by artificial materials that resemble the original knee joint. The orthopedic surgeon removed the end of the femur and the end of the tibia by using metal pieces and sawing the bone, to ensure that he removes the right amount of bone. The end of the femur bone is replaced with metal and the end of the tibia bone is replaced with plastic and metal. A plastic piece was added under the patella because the surface under the patella was

  • A Brief Note On A Hip Stress Fracture

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    a complete or incomplete break (fracture) in the top of the thigh bone (femur), near the hip joint. This happens because of repeated pressure or strain (stress) on the femur and hip. A hip stress fracture usually happens on one side of the body, but it can happen in both hips. It usually heals in 3–6 months, with proper treatment. CAUSES This condition is caused by repeated stress or injuries (trauma) that weaken the femur over time. RISK FACTORS • People who have a previous or current bone

  • My Journey In My Life

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    I was always told that I could walk at a very early age. Back when I think about it I was always running as a child. I could never keep still. I was placed into every sport imaginable played soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and even tennis. After I tried them I ended up getting tired of them. The only sport I really stuck with was soccer but in time it faded too. After that, I started to notice slight pains in my hips and I would usually walk with a limp. I went to the doctor on multiple

  • Describe the Major Bones, Muscles, Joints and Joint Actions Used to Perform This Movement Skill and How They Influence the Way the Body Moves. over Arm Throw

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    1 . Describe the Major bones, muscles,joints and joint actions used to perform this movement skill and how they influence the way the body moves. The overarm throw is a skill frequently used in a wide range of sports such as cricket,softball and baseball. The action is also used in athletic activities such as javelin, with the overhead serve and smash in tennis, volleyball and badminton and passing a netball and basketball.An overarm throw is the action of the arm swinging backwards then upwards

  • Technique Tip : Modified Extended Trochanteric Osteotomy

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    helpful in revision and extraction of well fixed cemented as well as uncemented fremoral components, facilitates in cement extraction and also in enhancing acetabular exposure. Tradional posterolateral ETO is initiated at the posterior aspect of the Femur. We describe a modification of ETO by an anterolateral approach. The advantage of this approach is that as it preserves an intact musculo-osseo-muscular sleeve comprising of (gluteus medius and minimus, Greater Trochanter & vastus lateralis) it allows