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  • Fences : Fences By August Wilson

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    Name: Alejandro Ahmed Date: 12/6/16 Unit: American Drama Title: Fences Author: August Wilson Year of Publication: 1986 Fences Study Guide Descriptive i. Overview: “Fences”, was a play written by August Wilson in 1986. The play communicates the story of the son of an unsuccessful sharecropper, Troy Maxson, who has lived most of his life independently due to his father’s abuse during his childhood. The play focuses on Troy’s interactions and conflicts with other characters, and the complicated relationships

  • The Fences By August Wilson

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    In the Fences, by August Wilson shows that life of African Americans in the U.S. in the 1950s with the story of Troy and his family. Wilson uses the symbol of the fence to show the desires of each character like Rose’s desire is to keep her family together, Troy’s desire is to keep death out and to be not bound forever, and Bono’s desire is to follow Troy, his best friend, as an example of the right way to live and to be with Rose and Troy who are basically his family. Rose and the other seen characters

  • Fences by August Wilson

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    have built fences to keep enemies out and keep those they want to protect inside. In society today, people create metaphorical fences in order to fence in their feelings, while others create literal fences in order to keep the unwanted away. In the play Fences, the Maxon family lives in 1950’s America whose love for sports and one another are questioned at times when they need to be together the most. In the play Fences by August Wilson, two main characters Troy and Cory Maxon build a fence, literally

  • August Wilson Fences

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    literary works that reflect this quote are Fences, a play about the struggles of African American before and during the Civil Rights Era in the 1950s and 60s, by August Wilson and “The Yellow Wallpaper” a short story that shows the difference between women and men during that time, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. ‘Fences’ shows the revolution the characters face, their actions and what is the result of those choices.

  • Fences, By August Wilson

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    African-Americans during the middle of the twentieth century were treated differently than those of the white population. Fences, a play by August Wilson, demonstrates the frustration of white dominance during a time when African-Americans were secluded from society. The Maxson family are the main characters of the play, showing the life they lived in their black tenement in Pittsburg in the 1950s. The setting demonstrates the drama of their struggle, frustration, rebellion, and the predicaments

  • Fences, By August Wilson

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    Fences written by August Wilson is an award winning drama that depicts an African-America family who lives in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania during the 1950’s. During this time, the Mason’s reveal the struggles working as a garbage man, providing for his family and excepting life as is. The end of segregation began, more opportunities for African American people were accessible. Troy, who’s the father the Cory and husband of Rose has shoes fill as a working African America man. He is the family breadwinner

  • Fences, By August Wilson

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    Fences “Some people build fences to keep people out...and other people build fences to keep people in” (61). In the play, Fences, by August Wilson who displays how fences symbolize different situations to represent different characters. The story takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the 1950’s, and in the play fences gives an outlook of providing an obstacle or barrier that is intended to keep something out or in. It shows through the protagonist character, named Troy Maxson and his wife

  • Fences by August Wilson

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    Fences, written by August Wilson, is a play about a man, named Troy, struggling to support his family during the late 1950’s. In this play, we see that Troy hurts the people closest to him. He has been uncaring towards his wife, Rose, his brother Gabriel and his son, Cory. This is because Troy had nothing to go on but the harsh example set by his father. In Fences, Troy has felt like he has been fenced in all of his life, which causes him to fence others in. Troy has felt fenced in all of his life

  • Fences by August Wilson

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    Have you ever seen a father really not enjoy the presence of his own sons? In the book Fences, a man named Troy has a very interesting relationship with his sons. Troy puts his personal interests in front of his own son’s dream which causes conflict between Troy’s sons and himself. Although Troy does not raise his sons well, it is not completely all his fault. Troys conflicts stem from his relationship with his father when he was a kid, even though he tried to get away from his father by leaving

  • Analysis Of Fences By August Wilson

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    Balleza Gad Guterman Theatre History 2050 December 1st, 2017 Fences Fences, by August Wilson, was originally performed at the Forty-Sixth Street Theatre on Broadway in 1987. Directed by Lloyd Richards, the historic run consisted of 11 previews and 525 performances. The play featured actor’s such as the incomparable James Earl Jones as Troy Maxon and Mary Alice as Rose. According to Moira Macdonald’s review in the The Seattle Times, ““Fences” wraps you and whirls you in a heady cyclone of words, ultimately