Fennec Fox

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  • The Treyen Species: The Fennec Fox

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    The ‘Treyen’ Species A descendant of the Fennecus zerda (Fennec Fox), this new species, known as the Treyens, resides in the Sahara Desert under dry and hot conditions. An omnivore, the Treyen’s diet consists of a variety of plants as well as rodents, insects, and eggs, much like it’s ancestor. Therefore, similar to the Fennec Fox, the Treyen has large ears on the top of it’s heads which enhances it’s hearing abilities (National Geographic, n.d.). This feature allows it to detect any insects or rodents

  • Essay On Fennec Fox

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    The Fennec fox is an organism that been doing research on.oh and it is a pretty neat organism. And instead of saying fennec fox you can say vulpes zerda that is the scientific term There are plenty of more foxes to research on but i choose this one the the funny thing is when they're happy they stick out their tongue like a cat but don't cough up a hairball The fennec fox is like a dog but his actions resolve differently. Fennec foxes really big ears and they have hair on there feet so they can

  • Characteristics Of The Fennec Fox

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    The Fennec Fox, also known as the “desert fox”, is the national animal of Algeria. It is a small, nocturnal fox found in North Africa. Its huge ears are its most distinctive feature, that they use to dissipate heat. They have adapted to live in a desert environment. They weigh about 1.5–3.5lbs, with a length between 24–41 cm, is about 20.3cm tall and live up to about 14 years, also their ears are between 10-15 cm long. The Fennec Fox is an omnivore. They mainly eat plants, rodents, insects, birds

  • The Dangers Of Fennec Foxes

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    Fennec Foxes There are over 30 different species of Canines in the world (Canidae. Wikipedia), and 18 of those species are foxes. Foxes are known for their cunning, and slyness. They are often portrayed as beady-eyed tricksters whose goal is to harm someone. One reason for this is because of their resilient ability to survive. No matter what is thrown at them, or what conditions they must live in, they always stand strong. One of the most resolute of them all is the small but fierce fennec fox

  • Fennec Fox Research Paper

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    A fennec fox is the smallest fox in the world.It weighs 2-3 pounds, the length of it’s body ranging from 9-16 inches, and it has a thick fur that keeps it warm during frigid cold nights in the desert as well as protects them from the heat of the day. Their fur is light beige in color with a white underbelly.the fennec fox is an omnivore. Fennec foxes are common throughout the sahara desert and can also be found in the desert of northern africa and northern sinai. In the wild they consume

  • The Aspiring Author's Tale

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    isolated. All the other foxes had disappeared from The Oaklands, and Clare had asked many creatures why. However, she never got an answer, for the other creatures either didn’t know or didn’t want to tell her. In their eyes, Clare was another dishonest fox. Clare had tried to ask Emperor Turtle many times, but she did not even make it past the front gate of his palace. That day, Clare was traveling through the Oaklands. The cool autumn breeze relaxed her, and the sound of leaves crunching under her paws

  • Fox Hunting In Missouri

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    others were after the more difficult animals, such as the fox or the beaver. The fox is a very smart animal, its sleek body allows it to run through the forest without making a sound, the fox is also a solitary animal, which means they hunt alone, rather than with a pack. For trappers, this means that they have to set their traps up perfectly, setting up a slight wall so that the fox can only come from a certain direction, which would lead the fox directly over the trap. This also means that a trapper

  • An Informative Essay: A Brief Story Of Aria

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    woods while the various birds chirped from the treetops. She approached the mysterious rock that spoke to her in gloomy tone. While sitting on it, tears dripped out of her eyes while she thought about much she has been abused by her step-mother. A fox crawled toward her and rested near her legs, just as the last tear left She opened her eyes and questioned, “What are you doing?” but didn’t expect a

  • Ecology: Chaparral Biomes

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    Chaparral biomes are located in small isolated areas throughout most continents, according to Kids do Ecology. These locations are usually by a large body of water such as the oceans. In general, Chaparrals do not cover vast amounts of land area. One Chaparral location example mentioned by Kids do Ecology, is the United States, in Santa Barbra, California. There are also chaparrals around the Mediterranean Sea, Southwest North America, the middle of Chile, Southern Australia and Southwest Africa

  • The, Songs Of The Foxes, And Clear Autumn By Goldberg Slyly

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    Gestalt Goldberg The sum of the parts does not always equal the whole, especially in poetry. In the anthology On the Blossoming, Lea Goldberg explores the concept of desire. On the surface, this idea seems well analyzed and discussed. However, by carefully tracking words, symbols, and images across the poems “Dialogue”, “Songs of the Foxes”, and “Clear Autumn,” Goldberg slyly elucidates the ephemeral nature of desire, the dichotomy between actions and emotions, and all the while exposes an over-arching