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  • Isabella DEste : The Spirit Of The Renaissance

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    The Renaissance, in Europe, lasted from 1300 until 1600. The word “Renaissance” means “Reawakening” or “rebirth” which is exactly what occurred in Europe throughout this time period. The historical figure Isabella d'Este contributed and embodied the spirit of the Renaissance through her work,life,and legacy. The Renaissance focused on the revival of learning and art. Throughout this enthusiastic time period in Europe several new styles of art and literature were distinguished among people. The Renaissance

  • Sherman Alexie Character Traits

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    “Alexie is a stand-up comedian, a songwriter, a screenwriter and producer (notably of the acclaimed film Smoke Signals), and has served on the Presidential Panel for the National Dialogue on Race and on the board of directors for the American Indian College Fund”(“About Alexie” 197). This fact is according to Ploughshares that is an American Literary Magazine that’s about Sherman Alexie. Sherman Alexie wrote a book named The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and partially wrote traits of

  • Year 10 Narrative

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    As I neared the back gates of St Aloysius College, I realised that very early morning, it was not a normal and comparable year 9 school day. It was actually the first frightening, yet fascinating, day of year 10. All nerves and thoughts considered, Mum pulled up to the carpark and I exited the car. My school bag weighed as if I was carrying a pile of bricks inside of it, and yet this feeling is as familiar as an old friend, it did not stop me from discovering my new year 10 class, only the nerves

  • Isabella DEste And The Renaissance

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    Isabella d’Este was a patron of the arts who had a very well educated and privileged upbringing that contributed to her dexterous lifestyle. She grew up in an environment where she could thrive as a politician or a patron of the arts because of her outstanding education. Isabella’s parents believed that all of their children should be educated equally and should each be given the same opportunities. She was lucky because many women during the Renaissance were not educated Her parents are the

  • Write About the Ways in Which Auden Tells the Story in “Miss Gee”.

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    I feel that Auden tells the story of Miss Edith Gee extremely well, using a wide variety of literary techniques to make it an interesting but disturbingly thought-provoking read. The story shows how our protagonist is surely going about her life, in the eyes of others, as if nothing is wrong, but when she is alone she wonders if anyone does care about her. The initial exposition is extremely sympathetic towards Miss Gee. “Now let me tell you a little story about Miss Edith Gee” is a cruel way to

  • I Yearn For Opportunities To Build Capacity Around Me To

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    I yearn for opportunities to build capacity around me to show society how to interact with people who are functionally different from the norm, whether that’s in subtle or disruptive differences. This desire has continued to bring me to opportunities of evolvement in leadership, to break the barriers that society has set in place for people with unique abilities. As the District Autism and Behavior Specialist for 7 years at Sumner School District this is the longest I have maintained the same title

  • Seddon Summary And Analysis

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    and have always told me I could do whatever I wanted as long as I was passionate and devoted to it. Also, being accepted into the medical internship program I participated in my senior year of high school along with my acceptance and scholarship to Gonzaga University are just two examples of some opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to have. Despite my opportunities, I’ve also faced some very difficult challenges in my life that could have stopped me from coming to college or living a normal life. Seddon’s