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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of File Format

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    types of file format emerged and it is used for preserve the digital information. The main problems of these files format are not preserved digitally. The products of digital information’s are produce in word processing, spread sheet, data base, formula, chat, multimedia, etc. Heterogeneous way the information are store in these files and it is required pacific software for access these files. The specification of file format is play very important role in digital preservation. The files format are continuously

  • File Format, Compression Techniques, Image Resolution And Colour Depth On File Size And Image Quality

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    Impact that file format, compression techniques, image resolution and colour depth have on file size and image quality - D2 In this report I will be discussing the different file formats, compression techniques, image resolution and colour depth. I will be explaining the different purposes, then, after I have issued an in-depth explanation of image quality and file size I will be completing a final conclusion about the best ones to use for certain tasks. Seen as there are numerous different uses

  • D2: Discuss the Impact That File Format, Compression Techniques Image Resolution and Colour Depth Have on File Size and Image Quality.

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    D2: Discuss the impact that file format, compression techniques image resolution and colour depth have on file size and image quality. In this report, I will talk about my understanding of the impact in various file format, the different compression techniques, and different resolutions and different colour depth. I will show print screens of different types of compression techniques, megapixels under image quality & resolution and three different types of colour depths. I will explain the reasons

  • Audio Mastering Essay

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    CD-R, CD-ROM & DVD ROM •  CD-R: By far, the most reliable digital format available today. CD-Rs may be made on standalone CD-R decks, or on DAWs equipped with CD-R drives and CD-Audio recording software. •  CD-R (Orange Book) & DVD-Rom (Book C): Is an up and coming medium that can use DDP image files. Sony PCM – 1610/1630 Used since the introduction of the CD as a mastering medium from which glass masters are cut, this format uses an encoder to store digital audio information in video form

  • Case Study On Concur Interface

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    Business/Vertical: 5 About the Author: 5   Abstract This White paper is focused to showcase how SAP will integrated to Concur Interface. GE Employees Submit T & L Through Concur for Approval & Reimbursement. Concur Arranges details of all T & L Expenses in a file

  • Research Paper On Steganography

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    Steganography is an art and science, which is use to write hidden messages in such a way that no one can read/understand the existing of the messages except the receiver[1]. It is an art of secret communication. For this communication different types of file formats can be used, because of better frequency over the internet using digital images are preferred.To hide the secrets in images, there are many steganography techniques used. In image steganography there are different kind of domains used for hiding

  • Explain How To Extract Wav Audio File From Wmv

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    Topic 1: How to extract wav audio file from wmv in high quality Introduction: If ever you need to extract the audio from a given video then one of the best methods is to convert the videos into a versatile audio format such as WAV. Since most of the videos are in WMV format, hence, this article will guide you through a method on how to convert WMV to WAV. part 1 In the time when everyone is busy in absorbing information and entertainment in realistic form, converting a video into audio may seem odd

  • A Study On Computer Technology

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    Introduction: A study by (Lambert, 1999) discovered that family historians are collectors, they collect information about people, places, names and stories. Our father Albert, was no different he lovingly compiled the family history because it gave him a perspective on our past and present. To give us an opportunity to learn about our heritage and build on it (Sharbrough, 2005, p. 64). Although it was common for people of his generation to research and record on paper. Albert decided to embrace

  • Video Steganography : A Method For Providing Improved Security

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    Video Steganography: A Method for Providing Improved Security I. Introduction Steganography is the practice of concealing a file, message, and important information of any format as text, image, audio or video within another file, message, of any format. Steganography is the art of hiding the information in some other host object and it has been used since ancient time by the people. In ancient time, secret information is hidden in the back of wax, scalp of the slaves, in rabbits etc. The

  • Disadvantages Of Bandwidth

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    Bandwidth is another name for data transfer rate. Data transfer rate means the how long it takes for information/documents and other things to be transferred from one place to another. If your internet bandwidth isn’t as fast as you would like It to be then this could affect how your internet works in a bad way. Someone downloading something he amount of people that are on the server The distance between the user and the server Everything needs to be up to date on your computer including your modem