Film and video technology

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  • Filmmaking Is An Art, It 's Way Of Expressing Something

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    something based on filmmaking, Filmmaking is an art, it’s way of expressing something. Film editing is partially defined ass creative post production process of filmmaking. In this era, film has made a huge impact on digital technology to be able to use different types of technology to edit. The editors are usually given a bunch of videos usually called ‘raw’ footage their goal is to create a combined timeline of videos creating the story, and putting them in order (Dmytryk, Edward (1984). When it comes

  • Editing Work Through The Industry Of Media

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    software that is used in the industry today, these include, Premier pro, Avid, and final cut, avid has always been a strong editing software in the industry, but as some technology rises and falls premier pro is just edging the gap into the industry, as regular updates of this software make it the better choice for editing films together as different filters, transitions and bugs with in the software are updated, for the software to be crisp. Final cut on the other hand is mostly use by educational

  • The Evolution of Digital Film

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    In order for digital film to exist like it does today it had to evolve from something. Digital film evolved from Film or celluloid film as it is originally more recognized. I have a few questions that I wish to cover early on and continue to develop as time goes on. What is digital Cinema and what are the advantages and or disadvantages of it over film. What is film celluloid and where did it originate from ? Why did digital film start ? finally what is next for digital film is there more to come

  • Visual Effect On Visual Effects

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    Visual effects started out as visual experimental techniques in the very early stages of film starting with filmmakers like George mielies. As technology has progressed so have the ability of visual effects in film. Visual effect techniques has influenced and help innovate film in many different ways in the 21st century. Firstly, one should differentiate between special effects and visual effects. Special effects are generally carried out on set during production whilst and visual effects are usually

  • Cloud Energy Efficient Offloading Service Policy Essay

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    multimedia streaming applications. In this paper we investigate energy-efficient offloading policy for transcoding as a service in a generic mobile cloud system. we explores how to minimize the energy consumption of the backlight when displaying a video stream without adversely impacting the user’s visual experience. we put forward algorithms to solve the fundamental problem and prove the optimality in terms of energy savings. Finally, based on the algorithms, we present a cloud-based energy-saving

  • Micro Air Vehicles ( Mavs )

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    camera (Payload), video Transmitter are tested and trained for performance and is then integrated with MAVs for autonomous flight operations as shown in Figure 1.1 [4]. Fig 1.1: Block diagram of MAV integration 1.2 Motivation In today’s world, MAVs equipped with digital cameras are increasing in number for real time applications. MAVs are widely used because of its small size, low weight, low cost and flexibility in design. The main purposes of MAVs are to provide video surveillance during

  • Video Refereeing Advantages And Disadvantages

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    There are multiple advantages and disadvantages when it comes to video refereeing. This has instigated a debate whether it should or shouldn’t be used as an alternative for refereeing in all professional sports. Currently, video refereeing or also known as VAR (Video assistance refereeing) is being used in sports such as NBA, AFL, cricket, soccer and Tennis. They’re virtual computer bases that record footage as the game is being played, referee’s use it to help them make certain decisions whilst

  • How Do Video Content Make Videos That Actually Get More Shares, Clicks And Customers !

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    How to Make Videos That Actually Get More Shares, Clicks and Customers! Frequently posting great quality video content is arguably the single most effective organic SEO strategy currently available. That means a drastic increase in targeted website traffic, significant increases in social media sharing and, most importantly, more paying customers! In this post I share the latest stats and insights into why video is absolutely critical to your content marketing success in 2015. I then share

  • Digital Film Technology Revolutionizes the Film Industry Essay

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    Digital Film Technology Revolutionizes the Film Industry     With the release of Star Wars: Episode I the Phantom Menace, in March of 1999, digital film technology officially filtered itself in to main-stream Hollywood. Digital film technology is the latest and probably most revolutionizing new technology to hit Hollywood.  The use of digital film allows for infinite editing capabilities and endless benefits to distribution and special effects.  The use of digital film allows for producers

  • Improving Quality Of Video Content Service

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    service providers which is a factor of bandwidth. The streaming performance is degraded whenever we download video content from the cloud because downloading a high quality or popular video requires large number of peers to combine and then produce the video, for this method the amount of bandwidth is also too high and costly. This paper mainly concentrates on improving the quality of video content service by studying the obstacles faced by