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  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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    INTRODUCTION My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) is a Canadian-American film that tells the story of Greek-American, Toula (Fotoula) Portokalos. At thirty, Toula is still waitressing for her family’s restaurant, Dancing Zorbas. Constantly under pressure from her traditional, Greek parents to marry a Greek man and start a family, Toula seeks some distance from the family business. Toula starts attending college classes and eventually begins a new job at her Aunt Voula’s travel agency. After a short period

  • My First Day Of Work Essay

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    at a television production company in the development department. I applied to the internship very last minute and was hired just a couple of days after applying. Before going into my first day of work, I memorized the company’s website, trying to gather as much information as I could from it. I was excited to learn that the development department was female lead and, according to the website, composed of mostly women. In fact, the majority of the leadership positions at the company were occupied by

  • Film Industry Case Study

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    policy of co-production in screen industries between Australia and China based on the nation’s situation and the history of film industry. The main problem is how to utilize this policy to enhance government cooperation and business model to apply those policies into the cooperation procedure. The other problem is the shortage of sustainability of film business and to find out the solutions to develop a model to be used as a best practice framework for the successful integration of film tourism in

  • The Core Competency Of Perna Arts

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    renowned production houses that have been operating in the Indian cinema for a long time. Perna Arts, as the case states, has been facing issues where it has been unable to attract financers, subjects, movies, directors, actors etc. that were in the past the key to success or the core competency for the company or the production house. However, in the past Perna Arts was one of the most successful production houses in the Indian film industry. The core competency or the development of the company was

  • Film Production Industry And Its Recording Process

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    sluggish and superfluous technique of the existing feature film production industry and its recording process. The plan suggests methods reduce the time spent in the recording of the images during the process of filming a feature film production. The innovation will be made using multiple cameras recording through new technologies in advanced camera resolution and camera size (Steyn, 2013). The scope of the problem lies for the whole feature film industry as this slow process of filming affects the whole

  • The Worker Management Techniques Essay

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    Film History In the Silent Era: The Worker Management Techniques and Capitalist Vertical Integration Within Hollywood      The film industry would have never taken the direction it did without the incorporation of certain worker management techniques and capitalist vertical integration pioneered by the founders of Hollywood. The methods of operation that Hollywood established in the realms of production, manufacturing, exhibition and distribution of film

  • The Film History Of The Golden Age Of Hollywood

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    The film history of Hollywood is an extremely intriguing and intense. The film industry flourished in the 1890s, when motion picture cameras were invented and film production companies started to be established. It is fascinating how short films displayed in nickelodeons soon developed into feature films shown in luxurious movie palaces across the country. Technology was improving at a fast rate and later on new film techniques such as artificial lighting, fire effects and enhanced movie sets were

  • Globalization Movie Production

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    regional growth and exports. The organization of the film industry is undergoing a significant transformation trough globalization. While the export rates of US and UK movies were exceptionally high for many decades, new competition from many areas has grown over the last few years resulting in a growing number of Asian and European movies that are now exported globally. The transformation towards globalization also relates to the production of movies and provides the industry with many new opportunities

  • The Impact Of Internet On The Level Of Competition

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    following; Cost Reduction In the previous years, the film industry in Japan used to make use of many employees in the production process. That means that the company spends a lot of money in paying for labor. With the availability of the internet, there are animated pictures that are found on the internet and can be used for the film production industry. That means that the number of employees who are used in production will be reduced. The company will also be able to work in a fast way. That means

  • Film Analysis : Movie, Film, And Films

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    Background As a medium, films act as a very effective medium to share the stories and affecting people’s life. Since ancient times, the stage has been utilized to tell stories. When the motion picture was invented in the 19th century, it instantaneously captivates the world. Films have the power to hypnotize, bringing its viewer to certain realms. With its power to subdue its subject, film becomes a vocal tool to get inside people’s mind. Just like literature, film also creates and promotes cultures