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  • Analysis Of Hans Zimmer 's ' Interstellar '

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    Introduction A film soundtrack refers to the original music that is written and composed to accompany a given film. A number of cues, instrumentals and orchestral music make part of it. They are carefully timed to start and end at specific moments during the films performance so as to make the narrative better as well as improve the emotional impact of certain scenes. In this paper, we perform a critical analysis of Hans Zimmers "Interstellar" soundtrack. Hans Zimmer’s "Interstellar" soundtrack

  • Black Swan Analysis

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    instruments parallel and portray Nina’s monstrous characteristics of a constant rush of conflicts resulting in an unstable mentality. Composer, Clint Mansell, was the former lead singer of the band, Pop Will Eat Itself. He debuted his film scoring in the film Pi and then worked alongside director, Darren Aronofsky to compose the soundtrack to Black Swan. Clint Mansell was inspired by Tchaikovsky when he created the instrumental pieces. Mansell relates “with the desire to move forward, change

  • Moulin Rouge Film Analysis

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    highly-stylized film Moulin Rouge! when I was Fourteen-years-old. Immediately, I became obsessed. Yet, despite several months of fixation with the lavish musical, I have not watched the Baz Luhrmann directed film in almost seven years. A lot has changed in my life since my initial viewing. Yet, many things which first captivated me about the film still remain true. Therefore, a re-viewing of the film in order to track my emotional engagement with the film seems applicable. While I still consider the film to

  • How Social Media Shapes Musical Identities

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    musical identities. To do this I will use Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to consider the interactions that happen through these mediums and also look into how this relationship can form musical identities. Thus, I will use interview subjects who I will film interviews with myself and I will also interview and use videos of fellow students on Mike Johnston’s online student page. I will use Jimmie Manning’s chapter in the book, Beyond New Media by Herbig, Herrmann, and Tyma to discuss the intricate nature

  • The Atmosphere Built Up By Jonny Greenwood

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    what makes the film and it’s character so enticing. The atmosphere built up by Daniel is completed by the unique orchestral sounds; feelings of woe, suspense, fear, and uncertain conclusions are skillfully captured. The pace of the film, the various scores, and a deeply driven character all sum up to a masterfully skilled piece of work. Scored by Jonny Greenwood, lead guitarist from the band RadioHead, uses his skills as a composer to deliver a unique sound that pairs well with the film. Described

  • Frederick Mckinley Jones

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    When Jones was seven years old, his father sent him to live and be educated at the local Catholic church. The elder Jones hoped that his son could receive a good education and find opportunities. At this time, there were no nearby orphanages that would admit an African American boy. Father Ryan, a Catholic priest, cared for Jones and encouraged his interest in mechanics. Jones helped around the church and rectory with cleaning, cooking, maintenance, and grounds work. Father Ryan informed Jones, at

  • ' Casablanca, And The Themes Of The Movie Casablanca

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    movie is love. Rick Blaine was the holder of Rick's Cafe. He obviously shows up in the entire film to take care of business who isn't moved by anybody. He declines to take drinks from the clients of the bistro. He

  • Differences Between the Birds the Movie and the Birds Short Story

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    different species of birds never work together. The story and the film both have the same climate. It is cold and chilly; "the ground is frozen and it will be a black winter." The climate gives the versions of the story a creepy and suspenseful feeling. Each version also has the main characters boarding up the windows. Anyone who thought the birds won't attack are

  • Essay about Monster's Inc.

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    Monster’s Inc. Monster’s Inc. is a fictional tale about two monsters facing adversity. The soundtrack original score was composed and conducted by Randy Newman for Pixar. The album was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Score and a Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media. The score lost both these awards to The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, but after 16 nominations, the song "If I Didn't Have You" won

  • All The World 's A Stage And All Men And Women

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    Shakespeare had said- “All the world 's a stage and all men and women are merely players.” Or rather, Jaques from 'As You Like It ' did, but that 's besides the point. The point is that I was watching the Lego Movie. And oh my god is it the best movie ever. What makes it the best movie ever? Not only does it have a great message, it also actually inspired me to write this blog post. The movie, starts out to be your regular run-of-the-mill animated comedy, and moves on to create a connection