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  • Laura Poitras

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    This long shot is held for a few seconds and it is accompanied by the same score that has being followed throughout the film. The viewer does not know yet what is the location or relevance of this place, but it then cuts to a black screen with a white text explaining what it is. Immediately, this score makes the NSA looks evil, along with the emails that she is reading. Her tone of voice, once again, is very direct and the content of what

  • Leadership Assessment

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    scored an eight on my relatedness score, which indicates that that particular part is substantially unsatisfied. That also indicates that need is unimportant. Nonetheless, I feel that the need to learn and growth is important while earning a good income. H. What are my Dominant Needs? The need for achievement, affiliation, autonomy, and power are the four categories that are evaluated in this particular assessment. I scored a twenty-five, the highest score one can possibly achieve in this category

  • The Principles Of The Confucian Philosophy

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    in terms of “I” or “We”. In Individualist societies people are supposed to look after themselves and their direct family only. In Collectivist societies people belong to ‘in groups’ that take care of them in exchange for loyalty. Singapore, with a score of 20 is a collectivistic society. This means that the “We” is important, people belong to in-groups (families, clans or organisations) who look after each other in exchange for loyalty. Here we can also see the second key principle of the Confucian

  • Assessment Of Spoken And Language

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    The CASL or Comprehensive Assessment of spoken and language was administered by two student clinicians. The Test consists of 15 sub tests in the domains of comprehension, expression, and retrieval in the 4 categories of semantics, syntax, supra-linguistics, and pragmatics.. These sub tests are then divided into core or supplementary categories. Core tests are meant to determine basic language components where as supplementary test are meant to convey further information for a diagnosis. Depending

  • Integrative Negotiations Essay

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    negotiation I realized that this issue would be a pivotal outcome in the negotiation for me. If I succeed in negotiating the right federal loan amount I could be flexible with the other issues in the negotiation but keeping in mind that the higher the score the better the result for the governor. My BATNA was to walk away from the deal where I would still maintain the 30 points in that situation which meant that if the result of the outcome was less than 30 points, I would vote against the deal.

  • United for One

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    In the book, Outcasts United, by St. John, my favorite chapter is actually the first one. Chapter one is all about Luma, the soccer coach of the refugees. The reason chapter one is my favorite is because she reminds me a lot of myself. Luma wants to part from her parents and stay in the United States of America. Her choice came with the consequences of her parents and sister not communicating with her again if she chooses to stay in the US. Her grandma would still communicate about the family until

  • Benefits Of The For Medicare Payment System ( Mips )

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    by a newly introduced “clinical practice improvement” measure). Providers will then be given a score between 0 and 100. These scores will impact practices in a couple of different ways: 1) Negative scores will affect providers’ Medicare reimbursement 2) Scores will be made available to consumers online

  • Resilience Scales For Children And Adolescents

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    Resiliency Scales for Children and Adolescents Review The Resiliency Scales for Children and Adolescents (RSCA) is a profile of personal strengths that assess personal characteristics that are associated with resiliency (Prince-Embury, 2011). These scales help identify how well a child and youth are able to recover from significant distress, adversity, or life traumas. The RSCA was developed by Sandra Prince –Embury and published by SAGE influenced largely by the Development Theory, Social Learning

  • The Selection System Of A Multiphasic Hurdle Approach Essay

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    In the selection system, a multiphasic hurdle approach will be used, meaning that individuals must meet minimal standards from the current stage before being moved on to the next. As mentioned previously, the initial assessment will involve having applicants fill out an application blank. This application will then be scored according to our minimal standards, ensuring that applicants meet the minimum age requirement and that they are authorized to work in the United States. Therefore, the process

  • Max 's Father Has Full Time Employment

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    This student is an eighteen-year-old male enrolled in the Jefferson County School District. Max is currently a senior at Center Point High School. Max resides with his parents, Leoba and Jose in Center Point, Alabama. Center Point’s location is in the Eastern part of Jefferson County, Alabama. Max’s father has full-time employment. His mother, Leoba is presently not employed and is a stay at home mother. His immediate family includes two brothers, a sister, and a nephew. His sister, Vanessa